Decided to play Wind Waker HD over Ni No Kunii 2 for now...


Back when Zelda Wind Waker came out for the Gamecube, it was around the time I was about to start FFXI and (i was young and stupid then) got depressed when my GF dumped me back then.... and for that and other reasons I dropped that game.

After finishing Berseria, I have both games (Ni No Kuni II and Windwaker) a try and as crazy as it sounds, i found Zelda Wind waker much more enjoyable. I will tackle Ni No Kuni 2 eventually though.

I am just 9 hours into Zelda, and the game looks VERY NICE.

Bump..... I am close to finishing -I THINK- this game. I still need to play Twilight princess. How good is that one? Windwaker HD on the Wii U has been amazing... I CANNOT thankmyself for finally playing this game

Windwaker might have a slight edge in art style imho, but the overall gameplay in TP is more engaging. Those are my top 2 Zelda games, at least til I get my hands on a Switch.

I an see that..

These are the Zelda games I have played and finished so far in my life

The legend of Zelda
The Adventures of link
A link to the past
Minish Cap
A link between worlds
Skyward sword
Phantom hourglass

Ocarina of time --- I simply cannot get into this game.. i dont know why.. i will give it one lat shot
Majoras mask -- never played it
Windwaker -- currently playing
Twilight princess -- started it along ago and dropped it for whatever reason, I plan on playing it again on HD once I finish twilight princess
Spririt tracks -- i do want to play this one
Breath of the wild --- will play

But aside that, I am very amazed on how much I am enjoying Windwaker... such an amazing game.

I am currently at the Wind Temple... I did a little research and I am not as close to finishing it as I thought.


Just beat the wind temple.....
I dont know how you can figure out this game WITHOUT A GUIDE.... i would have never EVER guessed HOW TO GET all the triforce shards.