GWJ Conference Call Episode 603

BATTLETECH, God of War, Magi Quest, Tower of Time, Frostpunk, Nintendo Labo, Special Guest Justin McElroy, Your Emails and More!

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This week Julian, Shawn, Elysium and Allen are joined by My Brother My Brother and Me's oldest brother Justin McElroy. We talk to Justin about leaving Polygon to pursue his creative passions full time and more!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:02:14 MagiQuest (larping amusement park)
00:08:55 Battletech
00:12:31 God of War
00:20:33 Frostpunk
00:25:20 Tower of Time
00:32:14 Nintendo Labo
00:37:12 Chat with Justin McElroy
01:05:07 Your Emails

"Writing a book is so... there's SO MANY WORDS!"

Besides being incredibly talented, the McElroy brothers seem like really kind and down-to earth guys. It's wonderful to see all the success they have achieved.

I have a handful of friends who worked the MagiQuest spot in Pigeon Forge while going to college @ UT.

Oh sure, Justin leaves and gets upstaged by a ninja pilot.

Man, the talk with Justin was good. I can really relate to the "critical brain" problem while playing games. I make games for a living, and I also cannot "just enjoy" a game. I am always looking at its systems, thinking about how they did that specific thing, etc.

Also gee whiz the "must have inherent value" thing. Oof.

Good episode

Re: MagiQuest
I have driving past the location at the Dells countless times and wondered but never bothered to look up what it was.
I may have to go try it with my kids sometime.

Speaking of games that conveyed COLD, anyone remember Cryostasis? Its visual and sound effects were pretty convincing at the time.

I tried playing Skyrim to cool off during a major heatwave. It didn't take.

A quick thank you to Sean Sands. Picked up Time of Tower on his recommendation and loving it. Crunchy RPG with original combat. More should try. Filling in the gap until PoE 2 launches next week.