NFL 2018 Draft Thread

MilkmanDanimal wrote:

Listen, I had the same shoulder surgery Andrew Luck did a few months before he did, and I'm throwing just as many real NFL football these days as he is. Therefore, by the transitive property, I am worthy of the overall #1 pick.


I'm Baker Mayfield height, but I'll throw the ball fully overhand. I also have never been tackled by cops. My hands measure a full 10" and won't fumble like Sam Darnold's babyfingers. And the only racial slurs I've ever tweeted were when I was young, before I stopped referring to the Washington football franchise by their club name.

So, Rosen #1, then me.

My 2018 Mock Draft for the Jets:
1st Round: Ken O'Brien v2.0
2nd Round: Future Hall of Famer (pick traded to Colts for Ken O'Brien v2.0)
3rd Round: Career-ending ACL tear
4th Round: Future draft bust, future future Patriots Pro Bowler
5th Round: Pick traded to the Colts. Jets receive the Colts 2019 6th Round Pick and a failure to be named later
6th Round: Multiple PED violations.
7th Round: Christian Hackenberg. Again. Just in case.

I'm paying close attention to the Bills draft this weekend. Half of those guys will end up in Charlotte eventually.

It's almost liberating knowing the Texans aren't in the running for any great picks this year. I can ignore the draft frenzy until Sunday, if I even bother checking then.

Vegas has elevated Baker Mayfield to the favorite for the #1 overall pick in their betting odds.

Lance Zierlein is reporting that the Jets would take Rosen over Darnold at #3, so maybe there is some sanity among NFL front offices that has been kept on the down-low. We'll find out soon...

Honestly, Rosen is the only one that hadn't been connected to the Browns. I'm expecting them to take him.

I'm just assuming the Packers take a defensive player. CB is the obvious need.

Kinda hoping some QB starts sliding and someone loses their minds and trades up to the Packers at 14 for some irrational package.

Already have a boatload of picks tho. Dream scenario is to get multiple in the 2nd or high picks for next year.

Is having the anthem before the draft some kind of last minute test?

I'm in the everything else room in Discord. Racing to pick up food and get back home because it's 5pm Pacific yo. Why can't this start at 6?

Because that's 9 pm to me. Draft already runs till 11 or so. I'd like some sleep tonight.

Every sports thing goes past midnight for the East coast anyway.

LOL you can bring anyone you want onstage, your ass is still getting booed Roger.

Dammit, yall are ahead of my stream. Hate that.

It's almost like someone designed the setup to channel the sound of the booing directly towards the stage.

I don't use Discord; which room is it, if I may use potentially the wrong terminology and be mocked.


Oh, the train wreck that keeps on giving.



So excited that the Bucs cannot now draft the RB.

Baker f*cking Mayfield.

So, that happened.

Darnold looks like Matt Cain's younger brother.

This NFL app stream is 5 mins behind, but ESPNs app keeps buffering.


MilkmanDanimal wrote:

I don't use Discord; which room is it, if I may use potentially the wrong terminology and be mocked.


So, Mayfield makes sense seeing as they snagged Tyrod Taylor. They could've f*cked it up more with Josh Allen who I'm protecting falls out of the 1st.

Barkley is fine.

Darnold is a giant questionmark to me. He would've been better off staying in college another year.

Ward #4? Um, OK.

I think everyone's fashion game at the draft just got overshadowed by the outfits being worn at this Korean summit.

Cleveland.... never fails.

*Legion* wrote:

Ward #4? Um, OK.

I'm not surprised. Mocks everywhere have one of the safeties going before Ward, but CB is thinner this year.

Is a fit for Cleveland too. They've got Safety all wrapped up, but need someone sticky on the outside.

I would've traded down but I bet they're going RB in the 2nd.