GWJ Conference Call Episode 601

Far Cry 5, Dead Cells, Slay The Spire, Dishonored 2 Revisited, Lots of Your Emails and More!

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This week Julian, Shawn and Sean Sands are joined by Rob Zacny to tackle your emails!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:01:48 Far Cry 5
00:04:59 Slay The Spire
00:11:55 Dishonored 2
00:19:30 Dead Cells
00:25:23 Your Emails

Great podcast!

I would definitely watch the trainwreck that would be CK2 with all expansions.

I'm with Sean and Rob - life is too short to hate play a game. I was in the most awful mood this weekend as I tried to play Far Cry 5. I finished the first boss section, and I saw how it was going to play out. By Monday I had traded it in, and I'm feeling a lot better.

I wouldn’t say I hate play games, but if I’ve invested more than a few hours I tend to push through and finish. I know it isn’t really true, but somehow investing more time and beating the game makes me feel less like I wasted time than if I abandon it 3/4th of the way.

I love Dishonored and Dishonored 2 both. Dishonored 2 is a better game in almost every way, though.
Having a problem with going through the streets repeatedly isn't something that is just in Dishonored 2.. Dishonored 1 reuses a couple of maps shamelessly throughout the game as well, making you travel the same route multiple times.

Rather than hate play a game, I just put it on the bench for a few months. Then when I go back to it I’m like, “Oh man! This game is so good. I can’t believe that I ever stopped playing this.”

Repeat that cycle a few times, and I’ve actually finished the game. But about two years after I started it.

I just put Mafia 3 on the bench. The wash, rinse, and repeat cycle had gotten really monotonous.

What is Zacny's username? I'm reading his excellent MLB The Show write up on Waypoint and found a typo:

"There is Puerto Rico’s Javier Baez making a tag a second"

Rob's profile but you should probably point out typos on Waypoint's site.

All this talk of virtual goalkeeping has given me the extremely thin excuse to tell my goalkeeping story.

I was often in goals in casual playground matches and when our scout group entered a local five-a-side competition I was picked to be goalie for one of the teams. It was an indoor competition. After a long wait we were eventually put on against a team of venture scouts. The age range for scouts is 10 to 14. The age range for venture scouts is 14 to 18. I guestimate that they had at two or three years on us age wise and, in my memory at least, two or more feet in height.

As the match progressed a soul crushing pattern emerged. The ball was kicked into play and one of the venture scouts would get it or one of my team would touch it briefly before a venture scout took it off him and then there would be a wall of five large lads running at me with the ball travelling ahead of them. They scored a number of goals that I can only recall as 'a lot.' At some point I snapped and thought to myself, That's it! They don't get to score another goal!

The ball was sent into play. The venture scouts intercepted it and headed towards me. One lad gave the ball a titanic kick that sent it at hurtling towards the half of the goal where I wasn't. I dived full length, arm out, bare hand reaching, fingers splayed. The ball ricocheted off my palm. It disappeared from view and I fell to the floor.

The match ended shortly after that and my hand was still ringing like a tuning fork. One parent came up to me and said, "Shame about the match lad but that last save was just like Peter Shilton."

I’m going to start saying “holy cats!”