The Hundred-Hour Club

Steam doesn't give me a single game over 100 hours, so off the top of my head with guesstimated hours:

Quake 1: well over 1000 hours.
Rise of Nations (+ expansion): Over 500 hours
Unreal Tournament 2004: Probably 500 hours
Quake III: Arena: 300ish hours
Unreal Tournament '99: 200-300 hours
Asheron's Call: gonna guess 200-300 hours.
Bandit Kings of Ancient China: 200+ hours - usually while listening to podcasts or watching something
Age of Empires II: Age of Kings: 200+ hours
IL-2 Sturmovik and it's offshoots: 150ish hours
Galactic Civilizations II: about 120-150 hours
World of Warcraft: played it intensely for about 6 weeks, so gonna guess 120-150 hours
Battlefield 2: 120-150 hours
Age of Empires and expansion: roughly 100 hours
Sid Meier's Pirates!: hard to say for sure since it has been so long, but I would wager it easily broke 100 hours.

I may have also gotten close with Europa Universalis II and maybe the 90's Doom games (if you add I, II, and Final together) over multiple platforms: PC, SNES and 32X.

My list is pretty small, as I tend to be a gaming tourist until something sticks. The pre-steam numbers are obviously estimates. Anyway, in roughly the order in which I encountered them:

Civ 2: 1000+ hours - there was a summer where I would get home from morning swim practice at 8am or so, start a game a Civ 2 and play until I had to leave for the afternoon workout. Every day. I'm sure it doesn't hold up, but I wish they had it on GOG.
Master of Orion 2: ~250 hours - Other than Civ 2, this was the game mostly holding my interest until...
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri: 1000+ hours - This was basically all I played between day it came out (probably also one of the few 'day 1 purchases' I've ever made) and when I started college in the fall of 2000. I continue to install it on any new computer I get.

... break for college where I played very few games ...

Out of the Park Baseball: ~500+ hours - Steam says I have just under 100 hours in the versions since they came to Steam, but the majority of my playtime was in the OOTP6 - OOTP12 years.
Civ IV: 1000+ hours - Steam reports 35 hours, but again, that's just after I picked it up cheap on Steam. I played a ridiculous amount of this game between 2005 and 2010.
Oblivion: 100+ hours - It had to take that long to do the main quest, the faction quests, and all the DLC, right?
Mass Effect: 90 hours on Steam + 5 Complete play-throughs on the 360 - This was my favorite game of all time for a decade or so. I've played through ME2 twice and ME3 just once.
The Racing Breed: 100+ hours - Here's an obscure one. It's an American horse racing management sim that can't be purchased anymore. The 100 hour estimate is probably way too low, honestly, given the amount I was traveling for work at the time and the fact that this was the only game on my laptop.
Civ V: 305 hours - My favorite Civ.
Skyrim: 150 hours
Crusader Kings 2: 103 hours - Still playing this one.
Dragon Age: Inquisition: 110 hours - There's a great 40 hour game buried in here.
The Witcher 3: 170 hours - The game that unseated Mass Effect as my favorite of all-time.

Almost there....

Dragon Age: Origins: 87 hours - I want to play through this one a second time, so I'll probably get to 100.
XCOM 2: 95 hours - I've only actually completed this once, but keep firing it up occasionally.
Stellaris: 76 hours
Zelda: BOTW: 85+ hours - I just finished the fourth guardian and still have some big chunks of the map unexplored. I'll definitely get to 100.

That list actually ended up being quite a bit longer than I expected.

AUs_TBirD wrote:

World of Warcraft: played it intensely for about 6 weeks, so gonna guess 120-150 hours

Does not compute. 6 weeks of intense play at 120-150 hours is 20-25 hours a week. Either that is casual play or your total should be 250 or more. (40 hours a week is a minimum for intense play)

You're among friends, you can be honest here ;P

Honestly couldn't tell you how many hours it was. There were some days when I didn't touch it, and others where I saw the sun rise the next morning.

I was saved by taking a month long trip. Afterwards the spell was broken.

This is also how I avoided sinking too deeply into Anarchy Online, in spite of the amazing "Wanta Fanta" ads plastered all over the free version at the time.

World Of Warcraft - Somewhere in the "I...I don't want to know" range. Played from beta on through to Cataclysm, multiple max level characters.
Team Fortress 2 - 322 hours. Pretty much all legit game play - never got into idling.
Cities Skylines - 285 hours. This is totally my "knitting game." Turn on some podcasts and lay down some roads.
Skyrim - 197 Hours. Played through... 3 times? Never once actually finished the story line.
Borderlands 2 - 100 hours.
Witcher 3 - Probably in the 150 hour range with all the expansions? Got it on GOG and don't have an hour count.

And ones likely in in the hundreds, but no count.

Civ 2 / Civ 4 - whole lot of time in each. Think Civ 3 kinda got skipped.
Fallout 3
Oblivion - same as Skyrim, never actually beat the game, but spun it up multiple times for level 40-50 playthroughs.

Oh, I forgot - I haven't checked but I'm sure I must be well over 100 hours on Breath of the Wild. Especially since I played it through to completion (minus DLC stuff) on both the Wii U and the Switch.

Of the games that track time:
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - 265 hrs and counting - some of that was sleeping. And this game is only 5 months old!
Terraria - 260 hrs
Firefall - 245+ hrs. I got in the early closed beta that was multiplayer only before anyone else on GWJ. It had so much promise.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer - 183 hrs
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 160+ hrs and just started Master Mode for the first time.
Dark Souls - 103 hrs
Rocket League 100+ between PC and Switch.
Just barely missing out only because people moved on to the sequel I didn't like: Left 4 Dead - 97 hrs
The original X-Com probably has 200+ hrs I mean, this was the one game that affected my school grades.

And I just found a new free, offline, time tracker to replace what I was using Raptr (which shut down in September and I didn't know): Gameplay Time Tracker

Clicker Heroes 4683 hours - "played" is a bit of misnomer, cause really it's a game that I just run all the time and sometimes actively play. This game holds a special place in my heart though because in 2015 I had colon cancer and while undergoing chemo my energy was super low so I would just run the game on my PC all the time and occasionally check in to click a goldish now and again. It was basically the only game I could play for months.

I have other clickers with more than 100 hours, Time Clickers, Adventure Capitalist, Realm Grinder but those aren't as meaninful to me.

Diablo 3 800+ hours. It's hard to tell exactly, all I can do is add up the hours played on the characters I have remaining. With so many seasons played the loop is still alive and well with me. I have maxed out every character, most more than once, and done some really deep progression in the season gameplay as well. I basically play it really intensely for about three weeks every season.

Dungeon Defenders 218 hours. When this was released, co-op multiplayer wasn't as popular as it is these days. With progression and tower defense gameplay, it was right up my alley. I played a lot by myself too.

Fallout 4 177 hours - because, duh. I spent so much time building settlements, in addition to completing two legs of the "main" story. I still haven't finished any of the DLC, though Nuka World is almost complete.

Borderlands 163 hours - see Diablo 3. Loot grind/progression... creative characters. Again, I mostly played solo but occasionally got some co-op in as well. Borderlands 2 is at 97 hours... so it didn't quite make the list.

Tropico 4 129 hours - No idea. I love the Tropico series so much, I have to imagine I've spent more time in Tropico 3. I think this is because I was going for the achievement of levelling all El Presidente's traits to level 5. I never did finish that goal.

Blacklight Retribution 120 - I didn't really like the typical team deathmatch/objective modes of this completitive FPS but there was one mode NetWar which combined area control and CTF gameplay that I absolutely loved. Running the flag was my favorite thing to do and there's so many grindy F2P unlocks that there's just always some carrot to be chasing.

Of course, they removed the NetWar mode, and afaik they haven't replaced it.

I have other games on the 100+ hour thing, but most of those are just cause they were mistakenly left running. I have a TON of games 80+ hours... the pool gets so much larger each time you drop 10 hours from the limit...

mrtomaytohead wrote:

Firefall - 245+ hrs. I got in the early closed beta that was multiplayer only before anyone else on GWJ. It had so much promise.

Man that game was super fun and was a bummer how it ended up.

From Steam numbers:

Dota 2: 5,528 hrs - over half is spectating, probably only around 2,500 actually playing.
TF2: 2,119 hrs - likely my favorite game, almost all of my idling was on alts so probably pretty close to accurate.
Binding of Isaac: 1,329 hrs in Rebirth, 81 hrs in original, 100+ hrs on Switch - started playing because I hurt my back and couldn't move, it's alright.
L4D2: 340 hrs - wish this game was still a thing, really hope L4D3 actually happens.
Borderlands 2: 129 hrs.
Skyrim: 110 hrs.
Terraria: 108 hrs - still haven't ever gotten to the actual endgame content.


Diablo 3: likely over 2,000 hrs.
L4D: over 100 hrs on Xbox (plus 34 hrs on PC)
Link's Awakening: my favorite Zelda, played through it many times, easily over 100 hrs, still have a Game Boy Color just to play it.
Tetris: I've played a lot of Tetris

On Steam:

The Division: 320 hours
This one wasn't steady, it came in chunks as they patched/fixed/improved/etc the game and actually made it genuinely fun past its initial leveling stages. It's third person shooter Diablo. It's like it was designed to eat my time.

Company of Heroes 2: 137 Hours
Much like The Division, CoH 2 launched a little rough. The balance wasn't great and the campaign was not nearly as good as the original game's, but I just love the way CoH plays. This was more of that and only got better as they added expansions and tweaked balance. It can nickle and dime you to death if you aren't careful but it's actually really good.

Outside of Steam:

Company of Heroes: ~300 hours
To echo the OP a bit, I know I broke 300 hours on this before Xfire shut down. I looooooved Comp Stomping in this game. Many an hour spent on Relic Online in that game.

Diablo 3: At least 1,500 hours.
Loot! Loot everywhere! Once they fixed the loot system this game became a constant for me for long, long stretches. I played multiple hours every day some weeks for a while.

Starcraft 2: (Estimated) Roughly 1,000 hours.
At one point I was using a SC2 specific bit of software that logged matches and stuff and it counted hours at that point. I remember breaking 600 hours on that during Heart of the Swarm, and then continuing to play after that software stopped tracking play time and then on top ceased development and I stopped using it. I still play it today in fits and starts. I love the dumb cheeseball space opera story. It's badly written (like everything Metzen touched...) and full of retcons and I just didn't care. It was a blast. The multiplayer ate a few hundred hours, and the Co-Op mode they added continues to add new toys for me to play with and I just keep going back.

Now to reach way back... while some of those numbers are largeish the true monsters of my gaming time are absolutely Starcraft: Brood War and the original Counter-Strike, back when it was just a mod for Half-Life.

Both of those games are multiple thousands of hours easily. I played them steadily for years.

Buuuut I still play Starcraft every year, while CS long ago drifted off and I put barely a couple hours into CS:GO. I spent a few hundred hours with Brood War the year before Starcraft 2 came out playing comp stomps with old friends and other folks I knew that had loved the game before. It just keeps piling up time. There's no way it hasn't passed Counter-Strike by now.

When I needed to trick my brain into thinking about something other than being packed into a room surrounded by people I didn't really know for at least a bit I played Brood War at a big GWJ gathering. It relaxed me.

Starcraft is my forever/desert island game. I can always play it and always enjoy myself. I can load up a comp stomp on Big Game Hunters and have a blast, I can re-run the campaign and feel every little ounce of silly nostalgia. To this day playing the Brood War campaign still makes me feel like I'm sitting in my bedroom my freshmen year of high school and staying up till 3am on Battlenet playing ladder matches with my buddies. I do not expect any game to ever surpass the number of hours I've spent with it.

Let's see. Not as bad as I thought, actually...

Elite: Dangerous: 665 hours. Plus about another 100 hours when they were tracking Horizons as a separate product.
The Secret World: 259 hours.
Crusader Kings II: 249 hours.
Skyrim: 242 hours. I really need to go back and play the DLC someday...
Fallout 4: 186 hours. Again, I just started looking at the DLC.
Kerbal Space Program: 158 hours.
Fallout: New Vegas: 145 hours. Amazing how many Bethesda games are on this list.
Europa Universalis III: 143 hours. And Paradox games.
Dragon Age: Origins: 104 hours.

Probably a bunch in some other MMOs that I don't have tracking info on... So probably WoW, SW:G, CoH, and Eve.

Heh, I don't have as many as I thought I do...

Skyrim - 421 hours. If I add in the hours modding the game, it's probably another 200 added to that.
Football Manager 2017 - 190 hours. Adding in all the football manager games would probably triple this number.
Skyrim Special Edition - 156 hours. And with the VR version on my drive now, I wouldn't be surprised if I cross 100 hours with that too.
Crusader Kings II - 134 hours. I thought this would be more than this, honestly.

I've got two other Steam games on my plus 100-hour list (Far Cry and GameMaker: Studio), but those are glitches.

World of Warcraft - 500+ hours probably. I was insanely addicted for a few months, then quit for my own health.
Original X-Com - 200+ hours probably. Ah, the memories.

There are probably a handful more that will come to me later.

Steam says I have only two:

Brawlhalla - 635 hours. I could try to pawn this one off on my eldest son who is now more active than I, but I dropped the first 500+ hours into this for sure. It's long been my default when I want a twitchy game with just a dash of that multiplayer adrenaline.

Skyrim - 172 hours. Haven't touched the DLC yet, beginning to think I never will.

Outside of Steam, I know I easily dropped 150 hours into Morrowind, and Oblivion likely crossed the 100 hour mark more narrowly. A bit further back, Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, Super Smash Bros, and Goldeneye definitely belong in the ranks. Reaching as far back as I can recall clearly, I surely spent hundreds of hours in Doom 2 between deathmatches and custom WADs, though still likely not as many as I spent wandering around in Sierra's The Realm.

When I get hooked on a game I will play it to death. RPGs are especially bad. I will look in every nook & cranny of the world. Repeatedly.

The Division - 596 hours. 99.9% PvE, nearly all of it solo.I love "looter shooters". This game gives me tons of that. Plus, walking around NYC at night is very zen-like for me. Dropped out for a while in 2017 but came back after the 1.8 patch. A friend of mine started playing recently so I started a new toon & now we team up. He has the same "every nook" philosophy. We hit lvl 30 last weekend. Now the fun really starts.

Grim Dawn - 142 hours. Another looter. I've been playing this again lately.

Dragon Age: Origins - 121 hours. This includes a couple restarts.

Borderlands 2 - 114 hours. Loved the world. Did some co-op.

Really close
L4D2 - 95 hours.

Titan Quest - 74 hours. I'm including this because I put 60+ hours in a non-steam version too. Diablo 2 didn't really click with me. TQ did.

Non Steam
Battlefield 1 - 452 hours. My first BF game. The world is beautiful. The guns are awesome. I'm not always in the top 5 on the leaderboard but I don't care because I play for the win. Plus, when you get that headshot kill "ding" with a sniper rifle from 135 meters...there's nothing else like quite like it. I blame JackFrags.

Fallout 3 - 140 hours, (est.) Bought the GOTY disc but couldn't get it to run on my PC at the time so I bought & played it on a 360. Turned out there was a conflict between the game and my sound card. Pulled the card, the game worked so I played it again on PC.

I've probably forgotten something but these are the ones I'm sure about.

Borderlands 2: 977 hours
Civilization 6: 1017
Endless Space 2: 249 hours
Civlization: Beyond Earth: 640 hours
XCOM2: 855 hours
XCOM1: 411 hours
Endless Legend: 263 hours
Master of Orion (remake) 466 hours
Shadow of Morder: 131 hours
Civilization 5: 1505 hours
Monster Hunter World: 400+ hours

Oh, yeah, lets not forget Minecraft.

Can't really comment on my pre-Steam days (I switched from console gaming to Steam at the back end of the 360 generation), but since then, the list isn't that long:

Disgaea 5 (Switch): 340 hours. This was my bedtime game for the best part of a year)
Marvel Puzzle Quest: 238 hours - surely that can't be right??
Both modern XCOMs (100 and 184 hours respectively)
Project Cars (110 hours - courtesy of GWJ's Racing Dorks)

Pre-Steam, I reckon that a couple of Bethesda games must've hit 100 hours. Skyrim, Fallout 3.

And going back to childhood, there had to be some Spectrum and SNES games that hit that point. Elite?

Looking at Steam I have a few:

Civ V: 426 hrs. Not the best civ, but was great comfort food and I was obessesed with acheivements in this one.

Borderlands 2: 143 hrs. 2 playthroughs with all DLC

Fallout 4: 120 hrs. No DLC on this one, all the main game. I was too exhausted after playing to do more.

XCOM-2: 101 hrs. 2 (maybe 2.5?) playthroughs

A few non-steam games:

GOG: The Witcher 3: 127 hrs

My first MMO: Guild Wars - No idea how many hours but played for 3 years straight 3-4 hrs most nights.

2nd MMO : The Old Republic - Only 12 months on this one, so more than 100 but less than Civ V

Just heard the podcast, here is my two cents:
Europa Universalis IV
3,413 hrs on record GAME KING!!!! I COME FOR YOU!!!!
Sid Meier's Civilization V
788 hrs on record
Fallout 4
550 hrs on record
Cities: Skylines
383 hrs on record
DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition
233 hrs on record
and aside from civ5, I am still playing all of these.

CIV V - 203
Stellaris - 175

That's about it. It's rare I play a game that long.