WoW: Battle for Azeroth (8.1 now out)

Aries wrote:

Where is GWJ Alliance these days? I resubbed for the first time since Cataclysm and have been on for the better part of the last week. Having a great time questing, can't believe how fast the gold comes in now (at least at level 110+)

I likely won't be doing any raiding or anything, just curious if there is still a presence on Blackhand?

We're here. It's mostly me and my alts these days and maybe 1-2 others.

Lot of the raiders moved to another guild or just drifted away. Casual players just stopped showing up. Folks who post here play on lots of different servers. Some even play Horde* (eww). People have partners/kids/lives these days. I mean, if WoW was a child, it would be a high school freshman.

Anyway, if you want in on the GWJ guild action, HMU in game. My how-to-find-me info is in my sig.

* Which is probably my February project. Turns out there are a bunch of Horde-only mounts and pets I want, and there's actually a separate Horde story line.

Legion brought me back. With BfA, I have a ton of thoughts, but it's still given me the bug. I've now leveled 2 support alts, and a brand new toon on the Horde side.

I'm not on the GWJ server, but that's a minor hurdle. My main is a Holy Paladin and I'm good for Heroics to Mythics+ (low level). Whatever works. Really, I'd be happy to just expand my WoW network. I play West Coast time.

I got raiding out of my system a long time ago. Most of my peeps faded away, but I do have a few friends who can fill out the ranks for runs.

Basically, I am housebroken and not cutthroat. Let's just smash content and have fun. PM me and I'll send you my info.

I've been out for a few weeks playing Atlas but I will be getting back on.

Vargen wrote:
lunchbox12682 wrote:

I don't want to just dump on the new raid, but it sounds so underwhelming.
I keep hoping (only partially since I really have no time to play WoW) something will drag me back in, but nothing yet.

I think it sounds neat, what with how we'll play a third of it transmog'd into members of the opposite faction. And making a raid about the Alliance v. Horde side of things is unusual. If they can pull it off then this'll be a good way to get that part of the story in front of people in new ways.

Really though, it's going to come down to the encounter design and whether or not the bosses are fun to fight. That's really really hard to tell from previews.

Says you... as a newly rerolled Elemental Shaman (thanks Blizzard, for the reworks to Enhancement... same talents, less power, so good), the previews suggest I get to be a badass on multiple occasions and I can't wait. (Opulence alone looks like once we get to the boss it'll be hilarious for Chain Lightning and Earthquake)

While the actual "idea" of the raid, an Alliance assault on a Horde-ish city for... no discernible reason except revenge seems... dumb, the encounters themselves all seem interesting. I assume we're probably going to end up killing Rastakhan, which would make, presumably Telaanji the leader of the Zandalari, which... hmmm... she's pledged to Bwonsamdi... but probably not thrilled with that idea, and he's got a serious problem with Sylvannas... I see some potential for some killer narrative hooks, but I also know we're going to be going after the Naga and N'zoth shortly thereafter and... I don't really see how we get BACK to that with what looks like at least the following 3 patches.