Magic: The Gathering Arena - Catch All


Yep, gladiator is a community format (maybe that's why it's good ). It's been promoted quite a bit by the LoadingReadyRun folks. In fact big tournament coming up soon
Matchmaking is through discord #looking-for-games and is quick, and folks are usually quite pleasant. The #deck-lists channel is updated with the weekly tournament top 8 winners and is a good place to get some inspiration. Singleton also just makes for great deck brewing though.

If you are not interested in the grind that comes with the ladder, I would recommend the standard challenges. The level of play is more casual than the ladder and while you will find plenty of meta decks, you are also much more likely to find home brew decks and even people playing the starter decks. The rewards are also much better than the ranked season, and while I won't say it's easy to break even with a non-meta deck you can probably get pretty close or all the way there by adding in daily quest.

I find that if I play a deck with mostly commons and uncommons on the ladder, it tends to match me with decks of similar power level.

If you like playing lower power decks, they are running a free event right where you can play against other players with preconstructed decks.