Android app?

The odds are this question has been posed already, but I did a cursory search and didn't see anything come up...

This community seems like it has all the right folks to build an Android app to support the forum. Not so much the podcasts - if you're a listener, you probably have a podcast app already. But is there any way to pull together a SWAT team / Justice League / Band of Heroes to build the forums in a native Android app? (I also don't know the forum platform, so maybe this is a technically moot question.)

Context: I'm refocusing all of my social efforts this year, and would really like to start actively participating in the GWJ community. I've essentially deleted 99% of my Facebook account; no friend connections, no likes, no posts, no history - just a single connection to a specific community in which I want to stay active (American Crossword Puzzle Tournament folks). I stopped using Twitter years ago, and while I'm active on reddit, that's less of a community and more of a temporary distraction. I've found the GWJ forums impossible to use on my phone (no disrespect, Shawn) and just figured others might also be interested in trying to solve for it. I'll continue to use it when I have a PC nearby but I just know my involvement would easily be 10x if I also had it in my hands all the time.

I think the lack of responses tells you that most of us find the mobile experience to be pretty good, other than the lack of search. Where is it falling short for you? If there's a problem, maybe it's a small fix to be asked for in the bug thread?