Android Child Monitor

Just wondering if anyone knows of any cheap-ish solutions or peripherals for monitoring a childs bedroom using an android phone? It doesn't have to be a visual monitor, just being able to monitor sound in the room would be ace. Cheers!

A lot of the security cameras you can find on Amazon have IP camera options. That typically entails downloading an app. I had one of them and it worked quite well. I don't remember which anymore but the software was some crazy Chinese solution that probably stole all my phone info, NVSIP is the name. Anyway, there are options.

A Foscam and an Amcrest installed at home. Night vision, panning, motion triggered recording, intercom mode. Each was under $50.
Ultimately we got an AngelCare unit for the crib and the convenience of that basically shelved the cameras/spare tablets plan for baby monitoring. Now that we have a toddler we might be revisiting the plan.

Edit: forgot to mention that they are wireless and with a little router tweaking can be accessed via app/web client both local and remotely.
In fact I have the Foscam staring me in the face as I type this sitting in front of the crib.

Wyzecam goes for $20 and can be set to send notifications for sound. There is about a 5-10 second delay in getting the notification, FYI, since it's all going through the cloud rather than directly to your device.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Unfortunately they seem to be a lot more expensive in the UK than they are in the US but at least I have some recommended options to choose from. (Example - Wyzecam which is £35 on Amazon UK).

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