Darwin Project Catch All (Now F2P)

New BR game. 10 players 1 Director. Somewhat designed around twitch but not neccesary at all. The nice part is there are Private matches so we could have GWJ only matches.

Pretty basic in sense of only two weapons Bow and Axe. However, pretty dynamic battles with traps, hunting. A lot faster passed then most BR's with winning games normally being around 13 min. I've been playing and have a fair bit of fun. It is Third person which normally I hate. However, with the mechanics in the game I would say it really is not an issue for FP fans. The director can hurt/help players. Can close zones and force players together.

Here is trailer although honestly does not do it justice. I would go look for some gameplay.

Edit as of April 23rd the game has now gone F2P.

I picked this up last night after some chatter in the PUBG thread. I feel like this has a ton of promise, primarily because of the constraints they seem to be imposing on the game (few weapons, small spaces, etc.) The aiming feels way too floaty and assisted, but that may be dialed in over time. I'm very interested to see where they go with it.

It's funny because so many games are being announced with larger BR focus. However, I really enjoy the smaller BR formula of this and Hunt. It really gives you a feeling you could win every game.