GWJ March Madness Bracket Challenge 2018

Nice to see Syracuse fouling when up 3 and winning

Fed feeling pretty good right now...

Forgot about the Sweet 16 second chance at ESPN.

Looks like I renewed the GWJ group from last year. If you were in then should be able to join again.

4 hours left to pick.

This link should work for Sweet 16.

It's also group ID 24683, password stan. If you have to manually find it.

Link worked and entered my picks. Hopefully I do better on the 2nd chance!

Your be surprised how wrong you can still be with only 16 teams. I do this every year.

I'm doubling down on the orange madness.

After all, they do have the best NCAA tournament coach!

I filled one out and changed my final pick, even though it makes me a traitor.

Loyola wins again, wow.

If they hadn't even gotten into the tournament, I wouldn't have remembered driving past their campus in Chicago over the summer.

Kansas fends off a late rally.

Villanova and WVU in a heated one.

Loyola is so fun to watch.

Someone petition the Vatican to have Sister Jean canonized for sainthood.

Rock Chalk!

My entire bracket now boils down to the Jayhawks’ ability to beat Villanova. Can’t wait!

Sure a lot of people in the same boat on that half

Proof that you are never too old to trash talk.

Jalen Rose's grandmother has words for Sister Jean.

Here we go! A Kansas win over Villanova clinches the win for me. A Villanova win clinches the bracket challenge for TheWalt.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks! KU!

KU - Villanova is unreal. I can't decide if KU is just getting embarrassed or if Nova made some kind of unholy deal with the devil.

Just one of those games. Villanova was insane hot, and way too good to mount a comeback against.

Looks like Iso and I will tie the Sweet 16 bracket if 'Nova wins Monday

Congrats TheWalt.

If Nova wins, I'll be second, if not, I will be 4th. Not bad for knowing almost nothing coming into the tournament.


3rd with Villanova or 5th, I'll take it for doing the bracket on 99% gut. Not a bad show.

The real winners are the grease vendors in Philadelphia.

Rat Boy wrote:

The real winners are the grease vendors in Philadelphia.

So, the cheesesteak stands?

TheWalt wrote:


Congrats, bro!