3D Printers/Printing CATCH ALL

I pretty much only print Hatchbox. I use the Hatchbox presets on my Prusa and have rarely ever had any real issues.

Prusa just did a surprise announcement. The MK4 is now shipping.

Oh, and upgrade kits.

ARISE THREAD! Amazon has some great deals on 3D printers. I just picked up the Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo 3D Printer for $229 (down from $399).

While I don't know much about 3D printing, this seemed like it would be a great introduction to printing (with some patience from what I have read). Any of you experts have a "10 things I wish I knew before I started 3D printing" list anywhere?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-Z3... is probably a little dated at this point as a lot of printers come more assembled than they did when this was released but Teaching Tech's stuff is always really solid.

This thread is just about dead (ok, like, super dead), but thought I would post some of the things I've created so far. 3D printing is super addicting and even though I would love a Bambu Labs printer, I'm happy with the Ender I purchased. There's definitely a learning curve and a ton of upgrades you can make for the printer.

First up, my latest and greatest! This was experimenting with pausing the print to switch out filaments. The flames were printed horizontally and took a lot of work. However, this was my first experiment with doing that. It was also multiple pieces to print, some Loctite, and some paint (which I'm also not great at yet)



Next up? Halloween! This was printed in white filament and was another chance to hone my painting skills.



This skeleton was also printed in white. This was a light stain and then a darker stain. As I was taking the picture, a fly landed on his head. The timing was perfect!


Nice. Thinking of replacing my current printer with Creality Ender 3 neo or S1.

Nice prints. I keep forgetting to post stuff I make in here too
Or even take pictures of them.

Here's a spider I printed last night using filament called Burnt Titanium. The glitter really doesn't show well in the picture.



Finished him off this weekend for my son.

Jigsaw - your photo isn't loading. Just looks like a broken link.

Here's my latest halloween print:


his photo loads fine for me.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

his photo loads fine for me.

Loading fine now and it looks awesome!

Latest Halloween print. I printed this one at 175%. It took awhile for all the parts but may make another one because I love it so much