3D Printers/Printing CATCH ALL


karmajay wrote:

Great print and really great paint job!

100% agree.


With all the issues in PC and console hardware availability, my planned PC upgrades and re-entry into consoles with the PS5 has come to a frustrating halt.

So I did a pivot.

Arriving Monday is a Dremel 3D45.

My first major project is going to be this:


Colibri by Derek Hugger.

I already have the plans and had started cutting them out using my CNC Mill, but the mill (a hobbyist machine called BlackToe I built from a kit) suffered from hiccups last year that I've not been able to debug [more details available upon request ]. So I'm going to take the DXF files that came with plans and convert into 3D and print!

If there's interest, I'll post up progress.

Definitely interested! Post away when it gets going.


I've been borrowing my friend's Photon but it started having issues on a print I really needed to get done. I'm changing the FEP film today in the hopes that it fixes the issue.

I'm trying to print a Darth Vader for a friend and it's the last part, which is the biggest part. I bought some water-washable black resin for it. It does wash well in water, which was surprising, and has an interesting matte finish to it. If I ever get the whole thing printed and assembled, I'll post a pic.


I recently finished selling a whole mess of old video games on eBay, and after building myself an indulgent gaming PC, getting a nicer second monitor, and two big Lego sets, I've still got a bunch of leftover mad money. I keep thinking maybe I should get a 3d printer. I legit don't know what I'd actually use it for, so I guess I need to spend some time on thingiverse to see what's out there.

I do kinda like the idea of having both a resin one and the other kind. I can see myself finding some stuff that I want more detail on, and some stuff where I need durability.

The 3D45 arrived this afternoon and my first print is completed and a success:


This took 1 hour to print with a 50% infill.

Very impressed with finish and strength. Looks like it will be plenty strong enough for the gears.

Here's the unit performing my second print:


It's the 5 front (closest to hummingbird) petals of the flower. My first print was of the center of the flower. This print is going to take 7(!) hours. Should be done by the morning. Then I can kick off the print for the 5 rear petals to run during the day.

The printer is quieter than an inkjet printer. All I can hear is the fan. I would disable it in the printer profile, but I've read that the enclosure can get pretty warm inside without it. Something to experiment with, I guess.