Switching from iPhone to Galaxy...?

What do I need to know? Security, notes, etc. need to be transferred. I'm pretty sure it's easy to move phone contacts over. Can Notes content be moved in the same way (ie, as text)?

I'll need to repurchase apps, I'm sure, but that's okay.

What do I need to know about Android security? Are there any must-have security apps?

What else do I need to know? I have a few weeks to prepare.

I just recently made this switch and couldn't be happier.

Can't really help you on the security side the basic Samsung OS seems more then capable of keeping what I have secure. I doubt you need a virus scanner or anything unless you will be transferring files from a computer over. The Google play store seems to be pretty locked up like the Apple app store. Though maybe I am giving it to much credit.

You will have to repurchase your stuff since the eco systems are completely separate. That's probably the hardest part.

Transferring information from the iPhone to the Galaxy is so easy, there is a usb dongle that connects the phones and the information between the two is transferred over. It's quick and painless. Not having to deal with a cloud or iTunes to make uploads was great. I was able to get all my contacts, notes, photos and calendar out and onto the new phone without issue.

Apple is great but I feel like the phone just hasn't evolved much, although I did go from a iPhone 5 to a galaxy 7 i found the upgrade dramatic. I now prefer everything about the Galaxy over the iPhone and can't imagine going back.

I've switched both ways... iphone to galaxy and galaxy to iphone. Recently went back to an iphone because of some work applications only working on it. I've regretted this very much. I far prefer my old galaxy to the iphone.

Don't forget about any authenticator apps! Those are potentially the biggest pain. LastPass works pretty good at syncing to a new device. Google, Microsoft and Steam I had to manually re-authenticate on a new device fairly recently.

I also recommend storing as much as possible in the cloud. I store contacts and calendar with a cloud service like Google, Microsoft, etc. Then you don't have to ever worry about losing local phone contacts. Get a new phone, plug in your info and boom synced.

Same goes for notes, docs, etc. OneDrive, OneNote, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Keep, SimpleNotes, DropBox, etc. Makes life so much easier.

That's all good advice. I need to look into that USB dongle, unless that's a thing they do at the Sprint Store? ...OMG, it's in the freaking box?

Way to troll Apple, Samsung...

Edit - Backing up to Google Drive now, just to be safe. Now I have the 14th to look forward to.

What is the "best" droid phone these days anyways?
It seems like the latest Galaxy but I really do not want to pay $1000 for a phone whether in installments or not. Is the Pixel 2 any good? I hear good things. (especially concerning the photo apps)
I do like my One Plus One but I want to switch for: better battery life and the best blend of quality and ease of use for taking photos.

fangblackbone wrote:

Is the Pixel 2 any good? I hear good things. (especially concerning the photo apps)

Can't speak to the Pixel 2, but I love my Pixel. The feature where any photo or video I take with the device doesn't count against my Google cloud space will have paid for itself before my daughter turns two.