Deep Rock Galactic


Looks like a fun coop game that was released via early access today. Procedurally-generated levels, different classes and you get to be a dwarf!

Polygon preview

ugh, so many games

It's cross platform co-op! That makes me even more interested in it.

Just picked it up. Looking forward to digging into it.

Looks like a cross between Astroneer and Left for Dead.

NathanialG wrote:

It's cross platform co-op!

But not compatible between Steam version and Xbox Anywhere version? That is the dream....

Also just picked it up. Looks like a lot of fun.

I'm probably going to pick this up. Per my reading, it's a "Buy Anywhere" title so I can play it either on my Xbox or my Windows PC?

Played for several hours last night, there’s a lot to love here. It’s already very polished and the gameplay loop is pretty satisfying. The procedural generation of the caves can occasionally screw you over, especially if your teammates aren’t utilizing all their abilities (or if everyone but you chooses the same class, which happened more than once), but figuring stuff out as you go is half the fun. My primary concern is the shallowness of the gear upgrades and how few cosmetics there are, but I imagine they plan to fill that stuff out more.

Added a channel for it to Twitch Voice.

I'm going to play some tonight and will be in the Twitch channel. Holler if you want to kill some bugs.


Picked this up during the sale, I'm going to let it sit until the proper launch however.

I played a bit of the scout class, got about 75% of the upgrade unlocks. This game is pretty great! It's just a bit young at the moment. It needs more of everything, more maps, more characters, more unlocks, more cosmetics, more mission types, more maps, everything. If they can deliver I can see this game having a bright future.

Deep Rock needs to invest in some better equipment....

A new DRG patch has been released.

This one adds winter themed maps and enemies and introduces a new temperature mechanic.

Just picked this up from Windows store. Played it Coop cross-platform a couple of times with my daughter on Xbox one. Very fun game.

Hopefully Steam releases cross platform compatibility with Windows store soon.

Aye this game is really good, and getting close to it's 1.0 release. No word on a progress wipe yet but I would expect at least one before launch and I've been playing Scout exclusively in anticipation of that.

It's free on Steam this weekend. I'm going to give it a look!

It's so good, even solo.

Man this looks cool! Anyone getting it?

Owned it for ages, it's one of the best co-op games I've ever played.

Downloading now, I'm up for some co-op goodness!

It's also amazing solo, as you get a little robot buddy to help you out. It's so cute.

Veloxi wrote:

It's also amazing solo, as you get a little robot buddy to help you out. It's so cute.

Is it? I would love to play coop with folks, but not always easy to coordinate. If it works single player then I may check it out.

Oh yeah it's so fun in single player.

I've played a few games solo and multiplayer in early access, it's a lot of fun! If you're just starting out it helps if you can join a team that has some experience to give a bit of support. Voice comms is a bonus too and can add to the fun when playing with people you know.

I'll be jumping back in now it's had a full release, so perhaps see some of you down there in the mines!

I've been playing for the last 10 days or so and am hooked. Feel free to invite me if you see me on.

Played solo last night, too intimidated to play with randoms since I have no idea what I’m doing. And agree, it is really fun although I have yet to complete a mission. Ran out of ammo first run. Second run could not make it back to the drop ship. And 3rd run I had CTD which sucked.

Look forward to digging in more, need to try someone other than the gunner guy.

Don't forget to use your pickaxe as a weapon to save ammo. Also get all the Nitra you see to call in a resupply pod.

Good tip about the pickaxe. I think I had enough Nitra I just literally didn’t know the command to call resupply. Learnin’ the hard way!