Gaming laptop recommendation

Hello all.

I’m trying to purchase a new gaming laptop. Im looking at one with a 1070 and the weight being less than 6 lbs.

I saw a Asus Rog Gl503 SCAR edition and also one of those Origin Evo15-S.

How important is G-sync for laptops? I do have a G-Sync monitor.

I have an Asus GL503VS from back when the 10 series mobile stuff first started getting released with a 1070 and it's been solid internal hardware with really great performance for a laptop. I replaced the spare 2.5 inch standard HDD with a spare SSD I already had the first day and just went from there.

Build quality is middling at best though, if that's a focus for you. Panel flex on the LCD cover, etc.

And the LCD in mine is only 60hz which really bothers me. Unfortunately replacing 60hz panels with 120hz panels isn't reliable or I'd have tried it by now.

Not sure on your budget, but Guru has a KILLER deal posted in the Trading Post thread right now.

All of those links are cut off, but generally I would suggest to make sure to read the comprehensive reviews over at so you have a good idea of the pros and cons.

I'm also looking for some portable gaming, so I thought I'd revive/hijack this for a moment.
Would someone please sanity-check this buying decision for me? Before dropping more money than I spent on my first three cars --combined-- I'd like to know if I'm missing something.

Here's my criteria:
--$1500 ballpark or lower
--GTX 1070 (non Max-Q)
--i7-7700HQ or better, but 8th-gen or Ryzen would be nice to have.
--16 GB RAM
--SSD boot drive.
--15" 1080p screen (120 hz refresh nice to have -- not sure about G-Sync, but why not)
--Keyboard: Insert and Delete are on two separate keys, because damn, how do you screw that up? I'm looking at you, Alienware.
--doesn't look ridiculous (okay, subjective)/have the word PREDATOR written all over it (objective).

What looks like a winner to me is the MSi leopard, which Newegg just happens to have on sale this week:

If you don't mind taking the time to give that a look, can you tell me if there is any good reason I shouldn't jump off this ledge?


No news must be good news. So yeah, I took the leap and bought the MSI Leopard.
Arrives tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

The only gotcha I could think of was the refresh rate of an external monitor. It's advertised as 60 hz 4k through both the HDMI and mini DisplayPort, so I had to do a little digging to see if it could do 120 hz on a regular 1080p screen.

Turns out that the hardware isn't the latest, but yes, it can do that.

mDP 1.2 (latest is 1.3) can do 120 hz 1080p

as can HDMI 2.0 (latest is 2.1).

Provided it doesn't explode into a ball of flaming slag within moments of me getting my hands on it tomorrow, I expect to be pretty happy.

I hope you like it! MSI are known for having powerful machines, but usually run hot. If you don't need to game with it on your lap it is probably a good choice.

I picked up one of the new Dell G5s last week. 'Only' has a 1060 Max-Q, but runs pretty cool and is a good upgrade over the 965M my last machine had. The temperature is important to me because 95% of my laptop use is on the couch in my lap.

Fedex put my delivery in Pending hell for a few days, but I got the new machine last night and took it for a spin.
Going from an i7-2720QM/GTX 555 M to an i7-8750H/GTX 1070 was stunning, to say the least.

I've been all over XCOM 2 since the Steam Summer sale started and had been digging deep into speed mods (stop wasting my time, fast avenger, etc) but upon re-installing the game on my new MSI, I didn't download any mods. It was pretty much vanilla. And damn if it didn't run faster even with all the transition animation nonsense.

Yes, maybe it's silly to use a turn-based tactical game to test all that new power, but I'm pretty happy with my new MSI GP63 Leopard-428.

--Fans are audible when playing, no surprise there, but not obnoxious. I was able to quickly tune it out, much like a white-noise generator.
--machine is surprisingly thin compared to what I was expecting. Makes me worry about it being able to distribute heat. I'll put my faith in technology and keep my warranty card handy.
--With an 8th gen processor and a 1070 at this price, MSI/Newegg had to cut corners somewhere. The only place I can see that is in the m.2 ssd boot drive. It's a ~$70 kingston 128Gb. Was thinking I was going to have to upgrade that anyway, I'll just have to do it sooner rather than later. The drive came packed with unasked-for crap (looks like ~50 Gb worth) that I'm going to have to dig out of there between games.
--Another corner cut on the Leopard series (vs. the higher-ticket Raider, which is $50 more to downgrade to a GTX 1060) is that the keyboard "only" has three zones of customizable color. The Raider has per-key customization. Aside from that, they seem identical in spec.

Summary: recommended

I highly recommend checking out metabox. I have one of their low-spec models and nothing came close for the money at that end of the market. Not sure how much being in Australia marks up the competition but it was 20-50% cheaper.

Is there a thread for non-gaming laptop recommendations? The threads I did see seemed to be pretty old.