Gaming laptop recommendation

Hello all.

I’m trying to purchase a new gaming laptop. Im looking at one with a 1070 and the weight being less than 6 lbs.

I saw a Asus Rog Gl503 SCAR edition and also one of those Origin Evo15-S.

How important is G-sync for laptops? I do have a G-Sync monitor.

I have an Asus GL503VS from back when the 10 series mobile stuff first started getting released with a 1070 and it's been solid internal hardware with really great performance for a laptop. I replaced the spare 2.5 inch standard HDD with a spare SSD I already had the first day and just went from there.

Build quality is middling at best though, if that's a focus for you. Panel flex on the LCD cover, etc.

And the LCD in mine is only 60hz which really bothers me. Unfortunately replacing 60hz panels with 120hz panels isn't reliable or I'd have tried it by now.

Not sure on your budget, but Guru has a KILLER deal posted in the Trading Post thread right now.

All of those links are cut off, but generally I would suggest to make sure to read the comprehensive reviews over at so you have a good idea of the pros and cons.