RIP: Billy Graham

Kind of from the "I didn't even know he was still alive" files.

99 is one heck of a run, though

Got to go to one rally growing up in Minneapolis. He was definitely a one of a kind figure we don't see often anymore.

Godspeed sir.

Farley3k I do love those typos

Wasn't this the guy that sad aids was from god to punish gay people?

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Wasn't this the guy that sad aids was from god to punish gay people?

Yes but he also issued a pretty quick apology that he said it and wasn't sure why he did. Wishes he hadn't as it isn't true and as quoted here said he would rather stay off hot-button items and preach as opposed to set a stance and divide people.

You know what is odd? It has been so long since I have seen someone make a mistake and then actually apologize seemingly well in the public media, it looks so odd.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Wasn't this the guy that sad aids was from god to punish gay people?

And regretted it, verbally. Said he didn't believe it and shouldn't have said it.

I have mixed feelings about the guy. On the good side, he was progressive for his generation (not saying much compared with what that word would mean today) and I think he tried his best in certain things like racial equality. On the bad side, he'd say crap like you alluded to and it'd stick. He was also not progressive when it came to feminism, LGBTQ, and many other things. Still... Southern Baptist Evangelical. What can I expect?

My family and theirs were acquaintances while I was growing up in Montreat and Black Mountain, and I met him a few times when I was young. I remember him being humble and friendly, despite the near-awe that he was viewed with in the community. He's one of the few Christians that I thought actually tried to live up to acting like a Christian. Even though I recognize now how the emotional atmosphere in the crusades was manipulated to inspire (or pressure, depending on how you look at it) people to become Christians, I think the world is probably worse off without him.

Graham’s biggest sin was sowing the seeds that allowed the fringe extremist christians (like his son Franklin Graham) to prosper and gain cultural and political power and influence. He’s done a lot of deep, long lasting damage to the world, even if he didn’t directly intend to.

Pat Robertson IMO is the evangelical Christian I really disagree with (and he's made many more remarks about God punishing XYZ with natural disasters than Billy Graham, I'm pretty sure). I do respect Billy Graham more, but that may be due to my relative ignorance. People who try to live their faith, with a mix of humility and kindness, tend to be people I admire. And if he did live that way, then he accomplished what many of us have not.

I'm alright with Billy Graham. Most of my problems with him are generational in nature. The only way I'd comment on a Pat Robertson memorial thread is to virtually spit on it.