Post some music from the 90s, nostalgia-all

Another couple CDs I found while going through a box tonight:

Wasted 2CD compilation:

NME Singles of the Week 1993 compilation:

NSFW - Language

Wow, 4 pages in and no Kyuss ... the Black Sabbath of stoner rock

I also remember the 90s being very eclectic ... or maybe I was just being more eclectic. Anyhoo, from stoner rock to trip hop – here's Mass Effect Massive Attack

And in a similar vein, Portishead's Dummy, as evocative of 1995 as All Along The Watchtower is of Vietnam War flicks:

My roommate from 1996 has requested I include a Pavement song:

And finally, everyone knows Bellbottoms from Baby Driver now, but you could throw a dart at that Jon Spencer album (Orange) and hit a great track. eg, Sweat

“Forevergreen” by Finitribe, from 1992’s An Unexpected Groovy Treat.

Ted wrote:

Some acts I've not seen mentioned:

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (I wish I had a treadmill dance floor)

Fun fact: I remember seeing a behind-the-scenes snippet about this video, in which they showed that the whole set was moved on rollers by a crew off-camera. So the floor was stationary and the main dude was dancing all around and they all had to carry the walls around and follow him back and fourth.