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Possibly the "triggering post": (from the Gamer podcasts" thread)

Iridium884 wrote:

I love Castro, and nobody talks about it.


Instead of downloading every podcast, it goes to your inbox. I have like 190 podcasts in your inbox, and then I download the ones I want to listen to so episodes I haven't gotten to yet don't clog my phone. I'd check it out.

I'm radioactive!
Handle with care
Selective hearing


Relatively Stable


And now for something completely different
not the deadly iridium, that's 885
number 77 in your heart

Because 883 was taken

Because Unobtanium was too hard to type.


More like I-RAD-ium!
Iridium and blues


Has a healthy glow

Satellite with flare

My constellation is bigger than yours
Now with 807 neutrons
Meet me at the K-T Boundary

drinks 245 Trioxin

Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator

(The video title incorrectly uses "Immodium"; the correct word is actually Illudium, which you can here Marviin say in the video.)

All praise the inanimate rod!

Congrats, Iridium! Apologies, I’ve got nothing.

Formerly Platinum884
Just Enjoying [Half] Life
10% of the Standard

Mantid wrote:

Just Enjoying [Half] Life

Genius Mantid!

Do I irradiate you baby?

Awaiting De-Orbit

Gratz Iridium884

Incredibly dense
Out of this world
Looking at the stars

Quickly now, the portal is collapsing!!

Satellite of Love

Uhh, how do I change my tag? Can't seem to find it in Settings.

Iridium884 wrote:

Uhh, how do I change my tag? Can't seem to find it in Settings.

PM Certis and he'll take care of it.

What've you chosen?

Still not tag change? Inquiring minds need to know!!!

"Chose Princess Kaiden"