2018 Coffee Exchange

It was briefly mentioned over at the new coffee thread about an exchange. So after one other person said they were interested, I am getting it going. I really wanted to participate in this ever since I saw the old thread from last time.

If you want to participate please have your post include the following information.
-Country of your ship to location
-If you have a shipping restriction (IE: only shipping to continental US)
-If you wish to participate in more than one exchange.

After the closure of submissions all participants will be matched up based on the info provided. Participants will be responsible to reach out to their recipients to get addresses and communicate anything else needed.

Ground Rules

1. Open to everyone, but Coffee Grinders need to jump through a few more hoops. If you are a coffee Grinder post here and send me a PM. We will have to work something out to make sure your not a fraudster, nothing crazy though I promise.

2. After the conclusion of this you must send your recipient at least 1lbs of a roast. You can send more if you want.

3. You may sign up for more than one exchange.

4. Exchange will end in 2-3 weeks (Feb 26th-Mar 5Th). This is subject to change as my wife is due with our 4th child at about the same time. I will give 24hrs notice as to when submissions close.

5. This is a A-B-C-D-A type of exchange. Which means the person you are sending to may not be the person sending to you.

6. Sender is responsible for all shipping costs.

If you think something else needs to be addressed please let me know.

I am obviously doing this.

Shipping country - US
No restrictions
Only one exchange

If for some reason we have someone who gets shafted and never get their coffee. I will try to get them something.

It's amusing that Coffee Grinders cannot actually join us in our quest to grind coffee together.

I'm obviously in (considering I'm the one going down this snobbery hole and ranting on about it):

- US of Gorram A!
- No restrictions!
- Willing to do more than one exchange, but can only have one active at a time mainly because I don't have coffee stock at my house so I need to go out to stores to buy the beans

I'm also in:

-No restrictions
-I'll do one

Yes yes yes.

No restrictions
I'll do one.

I'm in.

No restrictions.
One exchange.

What the heck, I'll jump in.

No restrictions
One exchange

That's 6 people so far! How many is the cut off?

There isnt. Since everyone would get matched with some one else in a random draw.

Let's do it. I'll grab some authentic Boulder Yuppie roast.

Continental USA
One Exchange

I loved my previous coffee, I’m in!

No restrictions
One exchange

About one week till closed.

Not sure if it was a concern but it was mentioned on the coffee group in slack that the 1lb requirement could be difficult. Please don't let that stop you from getting in the exchange. If your local coffee company only goes up to 12-14 oz then that should be fine. Just let your person know. I would rather 12oz of a new great coffee then a pound of folgers in my cup.

Most of the good roasters do 12 oz bags anyway. I ain't hoping to get a bulk supply of whatever is the Amazon Special

24 HRS till Close

So I realize its an hour or two early but here you go for the draw.

Igneus BUYS FOR SpacePPoliceman.
Vrikk BUYS FOR Squee9.
SpacePPoliceman BUYS FOR Asterith.
trichy BUYS FOR Vrikk.
squee9 BUYS FOR Delbin.
Asterith BUYS FOR jonfentyler.
Delbin BUYS FOR trichy.
jonfentyler BUYS FOR Igneus

Buyers should reach out to their victim recipient for anything they need to know. Such as address to send it to, whole bean or ground, roast preference, anything else they think the should know.

Thanks Igneus!

Protip: A pound of coffee will just barely fit in a USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. It'll be the cheapest way to mail it for most people. You might have to put it in a new bag, though.

Coffee has been shipped! Hopefully my coffee friend enjoys my pick.

I can't wait to hear about the coffees people got. Please post your impressions.

Asterith's coffee arrived yesterday and we enjoyed it this morning with breakfast. My fiancee' made it and commented on how smooth it was before I even had a sip. The tasting notes mention chocolate, orange and almond. The almond is what stood out the most to me. If I had it available here, it would definitely be in my buy rotation. Big thanks to Asterith!


Hooray! Glad you like it The company is pretty cool too, they buy from the farmers directly so they get a bigger cut of the profits and on the side of each bag you can see exactly where the beans are from.

Woohoo! As the one who started the original coffee exchange thread on GWJ, I'm glad to see people are doing it again. I'm just too busy to participate these days. Can't wait to see more pictures.

My coffee will be going out soon! Sorry, receivee!

Tomorrow will be a good day.

I am going to try to get mine sent out tomorrow. My schedule got messed up with the whole birth of a baby. But it's the best excuse in my opinion.

My caffeine bomb has been launched! I didn't know what to choose, so I instead got some samples of lots of stuff for my recipient. Squee, I hope you like it!

Igneus wrote:

Tomorrow will be a good day.

I am going to try to get mine sent out tomorrow. My schedule got messed up with the whole birth of a baby. But it's the best excuse in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy those and crap, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BABY!

Ooooo! Yeah! Congrats!


Coffee arrived yesterday. All the way from Utah! Tomorrow, it shall be consumed. I am super looking forward to it. Thanks!

Publik is part of the new wave of roasters around these parts, doing pretty good for themselves. Enjoy!

Trichy, the light roast you sent me is wonderful. I don't do a lot of light roasts, but I was curious since it had notes of red pepper.

Brewed a cup in my Chemex, and wow. Just superb.