Parents of children aged roughly 10-12ish, lend me their ears!

(not literally...that would be WEIRD).

I'm looking into redesigning some 'classic' (read: incredibly problematic in the light of the 21st century) Beano* comic characters and bringing them up to date for modern audiences and I wanted to get an idea of what kids of around the target audience would want from a school-aged comic book heroine!

*Classic British children's comic that focuses on anarchic rebellious characters (your standard Dennis the menace type stuff).

** For reference, the comic's themes all centre around 'rebels wanted' and the comic/characters I'm focusing on is about a small group of troubled girls at an all girl school getting into mischief, but the brief is otherwise open to interpretation **

To that end, I would very much appreciated if you could ask them about the following...

* * * * * * * *

- What comics, cartoons or animations do they read, watch and enjoy on a regular basis.

- What sorts of comics or cartoons do they most enjoy (spooky ones, science fiction, daily modern life, etc, etc)

- What would be their ideal female comic book character around the same age as themselves? What special abilities or skills would she have? What would she look like?

- Is there anything in particular that they find boring, or are especially NOT interested in reading about / watching?

- Are there any topics they wish comics and cartoons dealt with more often (e.g. Online Bullying, pressures at school, etc)

- What scares them in the fiction they read? Is there anything they feel that they themselves can't or aren't ready to deal with (e.g. when something get's TOO spooky or upsetting).

- Is there anything, as a parent, that you consider to be "too much" or to potentially upsetting for your child?

* * * * * * * *

I'm mostly interested in the opinion of those who identify as girls around the target audience age, but I'll take note of any feedback from the boys too!

Any and all feedback for this is appreciated! It would probably be best if you could send me feedback directly to my email address at [email protected] rather than posting theme here, for anonymity sakes, or if you are a Goodjer then you can PM me on GWJ.

Feel free to redact whatever personal information you don't want to give out, but I would appreciate at least a general indication of *where* in the world you are located and the age/identifying gender of the child in question.

Thanks for your time!

I've PMed you. Dunno if it's what you're expecting though - my daughter is 12 going on 25 I think.

Cool, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for, thanks

Hi. I just found this thread. I will send you a PM.

that's great! thanks