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JLS wrote:

I wonder if they were able to roll over their 401(k) s and keep their existing doctors. /s

Considering how the Taliban apparently and essentially bought their way through the ANA lines to Kabul, I'm sure some financial considerations were also taken into account by the now defunct Afghan Air Force.

Mexico decriminalizes abortion, a dramatic step in world’s second-biggest Catholic country

Washington Post wrote:

Mexico’s supreme court voted unanimously on Tuesday to decriminalize abortion, a striking step in a country with one of the world’s largest Catholic populations and a move that contrasts sharply with tighter restrictions introduced across the border in Texas.

Eight of the 11 supreme court judges had expressed support for decriminalization in arguments that began Monday, making the decision virtually inevitable.

The vote comes as a powerful women’s movement is transforming Mexico, where female politicians now make up half of Congress. While abortion remains illegal in most of Latin America, there has been a surge in demonstrations demanding more rights for women, particularly focused on rising violence.

“This will not only have an impact in Mexico; it will set the agenda for the entire Latin American region,” said Melissa Ayala, coordinator of litigation for the Mexican feminist organization GIRE. She called the ruling “a historic moment for feminists and activists” who have pressed for women’s rights for years in Mexico’s state legislatures, health ministries and law schools.

Four countries in Latin America allow abortion under virtually all circumstances early in pregnancy: Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay and Guyana. Some nations forbid abortion for any reason. In El Salvador, women accused of aborting a fetus can be prosecuted on assault or homicide charges, and face decades in prison.

Four of Mexico’s 32 federal entities have broadly legalized the procedure — Oaxaca, Veracruz, Hidalgo and Mexico City.

One of Mexico’s biggest opposition parties, the conservative National Action Party, declared its opposition to the arguments advanced in the supreme court. “We are in favor of defending life from the moment of conception until natural death,” it said in a statement. It called for more measures to avert abortion, such as improving adoption services and providing more assistance to pregnant women.

Yet the decision was out of the hands of politicians.

The court was asked to rule on a law in the northern state of Coahuila that establishes jail terms of up to three years for women who procure illegal abortions.

Abortion wouldn’t instantly become widely available, but the ruling will “outline a route, a criteria” that states will use to change their laws, said Diego Valadés, a former supreme court judge. The decision will automatically free women who have been jailed for getting abortions, he said.

“It will have very broad effects,” he said.

Mexico has the world’s second-largest population of Catholics, after Brazil. Around three-quarters of Mexicans identify themselves as members of the faith, according to census data. But the government is officially secular and the church has been losing influence, due in part to clerical sex-abuse scandals.

In addition, women’s groups and social media have driven home the severity of the problem of unwanted pregnancies, especially among teenagers. More than 1 million abortions are performed each year in Mexico, most clandestinely and in unsafe conditions, according to estimates by the U.S.-based Guttmacher Institute.

“The effects on women’s health, including the number of deaths registered due to clandestine abortions, and the number of child pregnancies, represent a profound social problem,” said Valadés. “So the attitude of most of society toward abortion has changed, despite the resistance of ecclesiastical authorities.”

Great for tourism income.

Yeah, our conservative government is rattling it’s tiny sabre pretty hard at the moment… Seems like we’re determined to maintain our status as the sacrificial diplomatic anode of the Pacific.

I fail to see the benefits of crawling further into lapdog status as the empire falls, but then my personal levels of anglophilia have dropped precipitously over the last decade or two - not that I’m all up in that authoritarian way of life either, but I am very comfortable being a quiet minor power that’s too much effort to annex.

It seems like how it was handled is the main issue. Otherwise, a united front is what’s important. Ideally that should include the EU.

Prederick wrote:


First world problems of global strategic significance, sadly.

News now seems to indicate that the French had been advised some months previous. I dunno, hard to shed a tear that their economy will be benefiting a bit less than usual from selling death machines. From the Aus government point of view, why invest 90 billion in hardware that no longer fits your strategic goals.

Clearly a softer touch is required from all sides.

A major earthquake (5.8) hit Melbourne this morning. We felt it up here in Sydney. No casualties reported but a lot of property damage in Melbourne.

Haiti’s leader: Migration won’t end unless inequality does

Amid an outcry over the U.S. treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers, the beleaguered island country’s embattled prime minister pointedly said that inequalities and conflict drive migration, but he stopped short of directly criticizing Washington over the issue.

“We do not wish to challenge the right of a sovereign state to control the entry borders into its territory, or to send back to the country of origin those who enter a country illegally,” Prime Minister Ariel Henry said in a video speech to the U.N. General Assembly’s annual meeting of world leaders.

But “human beings, fathers and mothers who have children, are always going to flee poverty and conflict,” he added. “Migration will continue as long as the planet has both wealthy areas, whilst most of the world’s population lives in poverty, even extreme poverty, without any prospects of a better life.”

Moreover, “we believe that many countries which are prosperous today have been built through successive waves of migrants and refugees,” he added.

Really it in a nutshell.

This f***en country.

Lots more stories about the saga if you are curious, I'm just venting.

A French defense contractor says Australia will receive a $66B bill for canceling its conventional submarine contract. Australian PM Morrison says he would have been “negligent” to go forward with it knowing that it “would not have done the job that Australia needed to be done.” https://t.co/USp8VUjGhA


Sorry but cry me a river French defense contractor.

There are about 26 million people in Australia. Does Australia really need to take $2,500 from each and every person that lives there to pay for submarines? And that doesn't even count the cost to run and crew them.

We might never know what transactions actually took place behind the scenes.

LeapingGnome wrote:

There are about 26 million people in Australia. Does Australia really need to take $2,500 from each and every person that lives there to pay for submarines? And that doesn't even count the cost to run and crew them.

We voted for the guy who chose to spend $100b on the last stretch of dilapidated copper to everyone when we could have gone with fibre-to-the-home instead, so.

Sorry I know it's an old, boring refrain.

Mr GT Chris wrote:

We might never know what transactions actually took place behind the scenes.

How big are the subs? They might be microtransactions.


Here's a podcast episode on it. Doesn't go into the very fine detail but I feel like I know more now.


Edit for addition: n.b. Australia doesn't have any nuclear power plants. We do have one nuclear reactor in Sydney for research purposes and it generates isotopes for medicine. 95% of people here probably don't know or remember it's there.

I went there on a school trip to the older reactor which has now been decommissioned. I thought the 50s dials and controls looked like something out of an old James Bond film. It was rad, no pun intended.

This is to say our lack of experience with nuclear technology in the public mind makes this news more hot button than it might be in other countries.

Japan's likely got a new PM. That said, the LDP maintains their stranglehold on Japanese politics.

Also, it's really a matter of time until there's an international incident somewhere in the China Seas.

Yup, f’ the LDP.

I didn’t realize until recently that former prime minister Abe was grandson of a serial rapist (among other atrocities).

Behind the Bastards podcast
The Slavery Loving Facist who Built Modern Japan

You could title the third part of the series:
How a war criminal and the CIA formed the LDP and crushed the post WW2 socialist movement

Prederick wrote:

Also, it's really a matter of time until there's an international incident somewhere in the China Seas.

And nobody will do anything substantial. Just like they didn’t for Tibet. Or for the Uighurs. Or for Hong Kong.

I was reading the sob story about how Squid Games is putting to much pressure on the infrastructure of a South Korean ISP and they expect Netflix to pay them compensation. In my mind, if they want to change their business model, provide data free to users but charge content providers, well that’s an interesting idea. But if they expect to clean up on both ends, well they can go and f’ themselves.

Brief, vaguely humorous detour:

Fide sparks anger with ‘gross’ breast enlargement sponsor for women’s chess

For a sport that has struggled to attract female players, the news that chess has just agreed the biggest ever sponsorship deal for the women’s game would usually be universally welcomed.

But the decision of chess’s governing body, Fide, to partner with the breast enlargement company Motiva is facing growing criticism from some female players, who have called the decision “gross” and “misogynistic”.

The new deal was announced earlier this week, with Fide announcing: “The agreement will continue through 2022, a year that has been designated as ‘The Year of Women in Chess’.”

Really guys? Really? Were there no other deals available?

Fide told the Guardian that it was the single largest corporate sponsorship ever signed specifically for women in chess, and the contract had been discussed by both the management board and the Fide council, “two bodies where women have a wider representation than they do in the chess community as a whole”.

It added: “Fide is not encouraging plastic surgery, but if an adult freely makes this choice, our organisation endorses Motiva, a company that has demonstrated its strong commitment towards women.”

I'll give them credit for this, whoever writes their press releases made sure it said "commitment" and not "support."

Reminds me of the Jason Sudeikis women's sports SNL sketches.

Good LORD this entire thing feels so German.

He continued: "[The letter] doesn't state specifically driving licence categories but I have a special driving licence so I can drive lorries with trailers - so I fall in a special category."

However, his response to the government, he said, is: "Thank you for inviting me but I am not interested.

"Lorry driving was not really my passion in the first place, I just happened to have the licence needed to receive this letter."

One 41-year-old German man, who received the letter alongside his wife, told the Independent: "I'm sure pay and conditions for HGV drivers have improved, but ultimately I have decided to carry on in my role at an investment bank.

Like, this is almost every German stereotype I've ever heard, in one article.

Well, almost every stereotype, I can't see if he's wearing socks with sandals.

What's so wrong about wearing socks with sandals?

I wear socks with thongs, come at me. They're not even toe socks.

but only around the house so I'm not that adventurous