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Wow. That is definitely not a development I expected.

mudbunny wrote:

So, about a month ago, a number of indigenous tribes in Nova Scotia decided to take advantage of their treaty rights (which were confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada) to make a "moderate living" (direct quote from Supreme Court) catching lobster year-round. As you can imagine, the commercial fisheries took great exception to this and decided some good, old-fashioned terrorizing was due.

A number of Mi'gmaw (the indigenous tribe in question) boats were burned to ashes, a couple of vans were firebombed, some people got roughed up and a storage unit (where the lobster are stored after being caught and before shipping) was also burned to the ground.

Welp, it looks like the Mi'gmaw (with another partner) just bought Clearwater, the commercial fishery that employed all the lobstermen.


So a round of layoffs incoming I presume?

Upsettlers' latest catch: a metric tonne of irony

Said a local man who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces party, "I didn't know Indigenous people could even buy leopards!"