[Funny]What if Every Class was Like the WoW Druid?

I hope this is light heartedly thought provoking.
I recently dove back into WoW and was inspired by all the changes to the specs. My "main" since launch has been a night elf druid. When I first came back I checked on her to test out level scaling. She was level 59 and perfect to test the higher and lower zones.

Returning Play Chaos
The new specs available to the druid took some getting used to and dare I say the most getting used to. Namely because the druid is the only class that has everything available to them. You can check off everything on this insane list: heals, ranged and melee dps, snare, tanking, rez, stealth, water breathing, run speed and travel forms instead of mounts.

Hostest with the Mostest
So I thought it would be funny to do a series where I brainstorm what each class would be like if they had all the abilities like the druid. Because despite having everything, the druid is the class I least want to play. Now to figure out which class to start with...

Pig Sticker Homogeny
The rogue, it has to be. It is the natural kick starter since, off the top of my head, they have the least variety. They have stealth, poison, and melee dps (single and AoE) So lets give them heals, tanking (or expand upon avoidance tanking), ranged dps, rez, pets and traveling or teleports.

Join the Dark Side
The first way I would go about diversifying the rogue is to break up stealth into stealth forms. And in the interest of brevity I am going to list the new rogue features instead of a wall of text:

-stealth form wraith: ranged dps, traveling, rez and heals
This form has a shadow priest and warlock vibe to it. The main abilities are different variations of drain soul. One heals you and any excess goes to top off the party. Another chains to other monsters. Another is a shorter channeled heal that summons a ghost combat pet that lasts a few seconds longer than the channel. Instead of stealth you have teleports to nearest inn or flight path. Your rez also summons a ghost clone of the dead person that fights for 10 seconds

-stealth form retiarii: net (a la PW:shield) tanking, AoE, pets
This form centers around your off hand net which procs damage deflect (to your pet) charges and provides damage reduction. The damage reduction is stealth themed where you phase a portion of it into thin air. Pets are themed around walking tinker pets with bucklers, javelins and chains. They can off tank and replenish your cloak/shield

-stealth form umbra: poisons, debuffs, melee dps
This form relies on tried and true stealth, positioning abilities and "staggering" procs where those abilities no longer require positioning. Stock poison DoTs are rounded out by self poisons (buffs/debuffs with trade offs) and procs where monsters poison themselves to debuff them and buff you.

This is intended to be a series and if anyone else has ideas on the rogue or any other class, feel free to post them!

Here is my take on the paladin. There needs are: ranged dps, travel, pet and stealth.
I thought of the concept of avatars forms:

-avatar of light
This is the ranged dps spec with sword of light projectiles. They have their own versions of Arcane Missiles and Blizzard with these projectiles. They also have skills that can proc a blind debuff. This spec gets Tesla style electricity traveling forms.

-avatar of ether
This is the stealth melee dps spec that wields a two handed weapon and takes an armor penalty to boost damage. They can use their ethereal skill(stealth) in combat to reduce aggro. Most of their skills make more interesting uses of their weapon by stabbing the sky and the ground to create damaging vortexes and eruptions around them. They also get a transparent hawk combat familiar.

-avatar of justice
This is the tank spec that expands upon the Captain America shield throw vibe of the current paladin. They have shield swipes that heal an area around them and can fan their shield to further reduce damage from the front angles. They can throw their shield to an ally to give a short duration damage shield. The other purpose of throwing the shield is a ranged pull where the foe comes sledding toward you on the shield.