Do Me A Favor: Take Some Long Surveys

Alright, I feel like this is a big request to make, but I also feel this is the community to turn to for this. I have some surveys I need people to take that are for something I'm doing but am not ready to talk about. They are kind of long surveys though, at least the first few I will be posting. It is simple though: I just want you to rate a bunch of people/characters based on how familiar you are with them, between 0 - don't know who that is to 5 - I'm a bit of an expert on them. Completion and consistency within your self is the important part here. Its okay if you rate someone a 5 and the next person rates the same person a 4 but actually knows more than you do about that person, so long as you are consistent with how you are ranking and the other person is consistent in how are ranking. I expect most people will have both 0s and 5s on their list, but with most falling in between somewhere. If anyone is willing to do this for me, that will be awesome.

Like I said, it is very long, but it doesn't have to take too long. Don't think about it too much. Just pick a number, press {enter}, and pick another number. Just please complete it all the way down.

If there are any names you would like to suggest for the list, please add them at the bottom of their section and rate them.

The first survey is Comic Book Characters, which I have split into three sections: the top being Marvel, the middle DC, and the bottom independents and others falling outside of the Marvel and DC universes. Its all one survey though, so please complete all three sections. Its important for me to know how much better you might know one section from another.

Comic Book Characters:

Historical Figures: (This one is much shorter than the Comic Book Characters one.)

Video Game Characters: (This is the longest yet.)

And some more to come.


Me too

I did the thing

muttonchop wrote:

I did the thing


I hope lots of zeroes help. I also hope knowledge from DC Super Hero Girls and Teen Titans Go counts.

Gravey wrote:

I hope lots of zeroes help.


Oh my Game King, I knew you guys would come through for me. Only a couple days, and already several responses. I hope people keep coming. Feel free to make friends and family take it.

Also, just curious, how long would you estimate it took you?

And Gravey, lots of zoroes do help. Knowledge from DC Super Hero Girls definitely helps.

Some of these I'm not sure what to answer so I'm just assuming the costume in general.

For example, Kid Flash. Is that Kid Flash from the old comics, which was Wally West? Or from Young Justice, the same? Or are we talking when Bart took over as Kid Flash instead of Impulse for a time? Of course, Bart doesn't exist now and there might be a new Kid Flash, like I heard it was new-52 Barry, who's a different person than post-Crisis Barry who's also in the new-52 universe and...

So for those I'm kinda going 4 because I'm not up on current continuity of a lot of DC characters.

Also I'm now done and I was on Kid Flash when I posted the above, if that helps you figure out how long it takes.

Okay guys, I added a couple new surveys, Historical Figures and Video Game characters. If you don't mind taking some more, that would be awesome.

HIstorical figures survey skews pretty American.

I believe Claire Redford should be Claire Redfield.

When's this ... due?

Yes every time I see the title I twitch.

It's due due.

Gravey wrote:

HIstorical figures survey skews pretty American.

Yes, thank you for pointing that out. It does indeed skew very American, and that is by design for right now. It unfortunately also skews very male and white, but unfortunately so does American education which this is kind of reliant on. That being said, I am NOT AT ALL against you adding historical figures to the bottom of the list.

wordsmythe wrote:

When's this ... due?

Oh God, thank you. My wife would beat me, and rightfully so, if she saw that. That's embarrassing. I hope I can edit titles.

Also, thank you Garrion, I will correct that name and double check Chris's.