Take The One Minute GWJ RPG Survey!


Hey folks! As we continue to refine how we approach our GWJ RPG series podcasts we thought it'd be a good idea to check in with you! If you can spare one minute, please click this link and answer some quick questions about what you look for in a recorded online RPG series. Length, genre, player count and more are all waiting for your valuable input.

Thanks! If you haven't checked out any of the RPG story podcasts we've done you can search 'GWJ RPGs' in your favorite podcast app to check them out or visit our Podcast section.


I took the survey. I assume there is financial compensation?

It took me two minutes. I demand compensation for my pain and suffering!

Maybe you should be more decisive! I want that gut reaction!

I want sexy adventures, damn it! Like, big-budget Bioware sexy adventures!


Are you guys still considering that slice of life, general discussion podcast? Because that would be neat.

I found the party size question interesting, and tough to answer. The choices were 2-5, including the GM. Having an RPG with just two people, one of which is the GM seems like it would be hard to pull off. But I don't have a lot of experience with these systems, maybe it has worked elsewhere.

The Unmarked had 6 people, which wasn't even a choice.
Orbital Decay, and Heroes of the Realm both have 5.

I didn't feel like either one was too large, yet the only choice in the survey was equal or smaller. I'd be curious to see how a smaller group would work out, but I can't say yet if I would prefer it. So I went with the largest at 5.

Yeah I thought the choices on that question were odd too. I think almost any RPG would have at least 4 people at a minimum (GM + 3 players), whereas on a lot of podcasts there are big casts with 5-6 players plus the GM. So it was strange the highest option was 5. Personally I think 4-5 (including the GM) is the optimal for a listening experience.

I didn't want to put in an option that's a no-go for us. 6 people is too much to produce and tell a good story with.

Gotcha, makes sense.

Done, although I've not completed Orbital Decay yet (ep. 21). So far I loved The Unmarked a bit more, but both have been great

^ I would buy that RPG ^

Survey says... Complete!

I do find I’m down for listening to any podcast where the podcast members are having fun. If they have fun playing then I have fun listening.