[Discussion] Men talking to men about Feminism

This thread is for people who believe that when it comes to feminism it's important for men to listen to women and to talk to men.

In this thread we assume Feminism is something you wholeheartedly support or want to support. Questions about the validity of Feminism are for somewhere else.

Bfgp wrote:

I think if anything men have a greater responsibility than ever before to practice safe sex to protect not just themselves but their partner. I've already had the awkward discussion with the boy. But the idea would be to have our young men raised to understand that selfishly insisting on unprotected sex is a stupid and reckless in a risk assessment context. I mean sure we aren't in the US but unplanned pregnancies are still concerning wherever they happen.

I think men have always had that responsibility, but have refused to address it just like the numerous other sh*t we refuse to take responsibility for. Absolutely none of that is new.

Just hopping in to say that if you get a fundraising email from a democratic campaign don't give them a single dime. If you were so inclined, give that cash to an abortion fund instead.

My reaction to the news was one of anger, not just at those leading this assault on women's rights - I accept there will always be a certain percentage of narcissists, sociopaths and other scum who will always lean into gaining power for the sake of it. Don't get me wrong: I have nothing but disdain for these parasites. But these cretins can never gain or hold power without literally tens of millions of enablers, willing to believe the lies and propaganda so they can wallow in self-pity, feel superior or slightly less disenfranchised. This is a choice, and I feel nothing but contempt for them.

Another knee-jerk reaction: if this doesn't put out the vote come November... nothing ever will. Complicit through inaction the Dems may be...

Boys being allies in the classroom

“I did not ever think this would actually be used as evidence, but we always had it as if it was,” said the boy, who is now 15 and a student at North Kingstown High School. “So I’m glad that we did, even though it might have seemed like slightly stupid at times.”