[Discussion] Men talking to men about Feminism

This thread is for people who believe that when it comes to feminism it's important for men to listen to women and to talk to men.

In this thread we assume Feminism is something you wholeheartedly support or want to support. Questions about the validity of Feminism are for somewhere else.

RnRClown wrote:

If this turns out to be a suicide, will there be an investigation?

I'm not sure how this goes for America.

When my father took his own life, we had a day in court, with individuals on the stand asked to walk through the events in the lead up to my father's passing, with corroboration sought in select instances. I'm still unsure whether it was solely for peace of mind for those of us left behind, or if blame may have been attributed. Anyway. Thus explains my train of thought.

This is horrible. It already was. It may only get worse. I'm expecting a huge backlash against the perception of trials by social media. If it's not already underway. I'm glad I'm barely clued in on much online. I hope those connected stay safe in the coming days. I wish our world was better.

After a suicide in my family, the police briefly investigated to make sure there was no foul play. Maybe other states are different, but I don’t see this going to court unless the accusers bring a civil suit against his estate.

jdzappa wrote:

After a suicide in my family, the police briefly investigated to make sure there was no foul play. Maybe other states are different, but I don’t see this going to court unless the accusers bring a civil suit against his estate.

Which is unlikely, because most of the victims who were speaking up were doing so to protect other people from him. They most likely aren't interested in dragging this out.

He wasn't some Epstein or Weinstein. Which isn't to excuse the sexual assault and abuse that he committed, but he didn't have their degree of institutional support, just a level of social power that he exploited. It's a systemic problem, it's a consequence of Alec's own troubled mental state, and it's become apparent that it's one reason why he burned a lot of bridges in the past few years. Doesn't excuse him--I think worse of him for taking his own life, because regardless of what he thought he was doing this is going to hurt his victims all over again and rile up a mob.

Jeremy Soule had something much closer to institutional power backing him. I expect that the AAA space has more abusers lurking in it, particularly given some of the behavior I've seen and heard about at conferences and such.

Alec seemed to be a troubled individual. One who was attempting to be better. Nevertheless, he seemingly crossed boundaries and inflicted emotional pain and mental suffering onto others. There appears to be corroboration from more than a few people in these regards. The wording utilized by Alec's sister alludes to a truth in the accusations. Whilst the man did not deserve to lose his life, especially not in this way, it's difficult to have too much sympathy.

My thoughts go out to his family, and his victims.

A School Massacre and Toxic Heroism

A few years ago, Amy Pistone emailed me during the aftermath of yet another mass shooting to ask if I knew of anything in ancient Greek literature to respond to this all-too-frequent terror. I threw together a collection of passages which didn’t really get to the heart of the issue: the absolute horror of people suddenly killing scores of others, compounded by the practically criminal failure of our public officials to respond with anything more than stock phrases and empty gestures.

I have spent a lot of my life jousting with depression, death anxiety, and the ups and downs of facing up to (and sometimes failing to meet) the challenges of everyday life. For most of my adult life—and a good portion of my formative years—I found refuge and comfort in books, poetry, music and other forms of narrative art. For the past few decades, Homeric poetry and Greek literature in general have helped me guide my life, if not save it. But no matter how much I comb through the remnants of the past looking for that perfect quotation which will unlock the secrets of the universe, nothing seems to match up to the stupidity, the craven profiteering, and the visceral wrongness of children being gunned down in their schools, families executed in their place of worship, or communities torn apart by sudden and public demonstrations of raw, unforgiving violence.

And then, a few weeks ago, Aislinn Melchior sent me a message asking if I could remember a story of “the last hero…the wrestler who pulls down the building on top of his hometown’s school children.” To be honest, I didn’t know the tale, so I did what one does and I asked #ClassicsTwitter. Within a few hours, someone sent me the first passage I posted yesterday from Pausanias. After some simple searches, I found the others. Here’s the main translation again: