Purchasing A New Laptop

So I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for work, but want to get the best bang for my buck.
I've mainly looked on Amazon, but there are few reviews and honestly, I don't really trust them.
My knowledge of computer specs comes down to the basics, so I know I want something 8GB+ Ram, 1TB+ HDD(maybe 256GB+ SSD instead), but I can find that in $300 laptops and $800 laptops. I'm afraid of buying a $300 laptop that doesn't work well, or an $800 one that I didn't need to(saving for a mortgage down payment right now).

I've been looking through Amazon.ca for convenience sake and because sometimes their used versions for electronics are discounted heavily for something that ends up being as good as new, but it doesn't have to be. Though I need to be able to ship to Canada for a reasonable price in a reasonable time.

My budget is roughly $800 CAD, but I'd like to go cheaper if it won't mean sacrificing much. I don't need it to be a gaming laptop, though I'd like the choice to play smaller indie stuff.

My work is mostly browser-based, so it just needs to be able to handle doing many things at once. Though I will also need to use Photoshop.

Want an affordable laptop for $800 CAD or less.
8GB+ Ram
Need to get it before Jan 24.
Has no clue what brands or specific hardware is good/bad.

I've been impressed with my oldest's Acer E 15. They built it with all of the components you'd normally upgrade or add accessible in one compartment on the bottom. RAM, SSD (M.2), and HDD. Model E5-576G-5762 might be close to the configuration that works for you.

We bought it primarily for college work, and it's done well for that. We got a model with a HDD, and I have an SSD in hand to add to it (just need to pry it out of his hands for long enough). It's no-nonsense in terms of design, but has a full range of ports and an optical drive (which could possibly house another HDD with a caddy). It has good battery life and discrete graphics, so it can play some games.

I was all ready to buy a new laptop and I found out last night that I could get it expensed from work, but they'll be purchasing and lending me the laptop so I don't need to make any decisions!

But thanks Lou!