Slay the Spire - Catch all

Malor wrote:

Ah, Apotheosis (upgrade all cards in deck for this combat.) Wonderful card, but it has the problem that you have to draw it. I just got aced by the dagger-summoning elite in the third act, Apotheosis just didn't drop in time, and I couldn't put out damage fast enough to kill those daggers in two rounds. Everything had been going so well, too. sigh.

I dunno if there's a relic to start with a skill, but if so, Apotheosis would have to top the list of good combos. You wouldn't need to upgrade cards anymore.

edit: aha, it's Bottled Lightning. There's one relic for each card type. That combo would be devastating.

There is also a special from a ? floor that upgrades your whole deck. I hit that one yesterday and it was very nice.

LeapingGnome wrote:

What triggers a heart kill? I have never seen it happen and I've had a score over 1,000 before. I just assumed it was just a 'story' thing that it can't be killed as an excuse to show you cumulative stats.

Spoilers for endgame content below:


There is actually an Act 4 that you can unlock, ending with a final fight versus the Heart itself.

In order to unlock Act 4 you must first beat the game normally with each character. Then on future runs you will have the option to obtain 3 keys which you will need to open the door to the final Act. You can get one key at any rest site if you forgo upgrading or resting, you can get one key at any treasure chest if you give up the relic you would otherwise receive, and you get one key from beating a more difficult elite monster. If you have all 3 keys at the end of your run you can then go to Act 4 and try to beat the heart (and a special elite fight).

Thanks. I swear I've beaten with all three but maybe not with the defect? Or maybe this was patched in at some point and you had to beat it since the patch?

LeapingGnome wrote:

Thanks. I swear I've beaten with all three but maybe not with the defect? Or maybe this was patched in at some point and you had to beat it since the patch?

You have to have got the wins after the patch that introduced the endgame content. Also Daily Runs and custom games don't count.

Got it, that is probably it. I put the game away for a number of months until I picked it back up last week after all of the GOTY and Conference Call chatter got me in the mood to play again.

There is a relic that allows you to select a skill from your hand at the time to have it show up in the first hand of each combat.

Getting greedy is definitely my biggest problem. I need to get a LOT better about removing stuff from my deck and skipping rewards.

Even so, I can pretty consistently get to the third boss, but that's the next step I need to take.

Any word on when Spire is coming to Switch?

Anyone mucked about with any of the other modded characters from the Steam Workshop? Any you want to recommend?

This game is mind bogglingly good. Lightning in a bottle. I haven't even tried the mod characters or full mod additions yet. I struggle with the Defect, but still enjoy playing the character. I played a fair bit of Monster Slayers. Spire is a similar game but much much better in every way. The art, theme, sound, balance and overall creativity is off the charts. I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Nuclear Throne.

Jonman wrote:

Anyone mucked about with any of the other modded characters from the Steam Workshop? Any you want to recommend?

I've heard good things about the Slimebound character and the Disciple. I haven't tried either, but they are both on my list for when I am ready for something new.

Just a cosmetic mod, but pretty cool - Googly Eyes Mod

I have played a few games with the slime. Seems to have 3 main angles. Tackles are cards that do a lot of damage, a status and some damage to you. Licks are 0 cost exhaust cards that apply goop and status. Summons summon more little slimes that do various things. Goop heals you and increases damage when you attack an enemy covered in it. I haven't played enough to unlock the high end cards but my first impressions are he's about as complicated as the Defect. As a result, I'm struggling with him.

The Disciple I've only played on game with. Very complex. I haven't been able to separate out the different deck types yet. Makes use of retaining cards and can force enemies to skip turns. Can summon artifacts for short periods of time. It feels like the playstyle will default to very defensive but I don't have enough time in.

Both characters seem very well fleshed out with cool ideas.

I did it! I defeated the Heart with the Silent, completing the achievement awarded for doing so with all three characters.

At the game start, I opted for the "replace your starting relic" perk, since I've never been super impressed with the Silent's starting relic (draw more cards on turn 1). I got Snecko Eye, which puts you into a permanent state of confusion (cards' normal costs are replaced with a random value between 0 and 3).

I figured the run wouldn't go anywhere. Pursuing a strategy of "grab all the 2+ cost cards" (since their costs get randomized anyway) + poison cards (for a hopeful Catalyst finisher -- triples an enemy's poison) actually ended up working great, though. A lucky pull of Corpse Explosion let me power past both Donu & Deca and the second-to-last bosses with little trouble, and then Wraith Form let me survive the Heart's attacks long enough to take it out.

With that win, I've completed all of the goals I had set for myself for the game, so I guess I can consider it "finished"! I'll probably still play occasionally, though -- perhaps to see how high in ascension levels I can reach with my favorite character, the Defect.

Congrats! Snecko Eye is really powerful and should almost always take it in the first half.

I have been playing through the ascensions, I think I am at ascension 8 now in Ironclad and got a couple with Silent when I wanted to mix it up. So many runs have died on the act 2 boss!

I'm sitting at Ascension 6 with the Ironclad. I'm not sure I'm motivated to go any higher. It's getting really difficult and it seems like only very specific decks work now.

This weekend I've been trying unsuccessfully to get either the achievement for beating the game with only one relic, or for beating the game with only common cards in your deck.

I start the game as The Defect (non-ascension) and re-roll the starting relic for a boss relic. Depending on what I get, I choose the achievement I'm going for.

1st attempt I got Choker (gain energy per turn, but can only play 6 cards) and tried for only common cards. Adding stuff like Claw, Hologram, Leap, Rebound, etc. and getting some decent relics to help along the way. I got to the act 3 boss, Donu and Deca, but couldn't block their attacks every turn and died.

2nd attempt I got Snecko Eye and went for the one relic achievement. Adding in Creative AI and Echo Form in my deck making me rely on Powers to win. Of course, I got the Awakened One as the Act 3 boss who gets stronger with every power you play in his first phase. I couldn't come up with strategy to kill him fast enough without powers, but I did get him to his second phase and down to 25% health before I died.

I think if that if those two bosses had been reversed I'd be celebrating getting both achievements, but instead I'm going to have to keep trying.

You may want to check if you're allowed to swap the relic at the start for the one relic thing. They may have patched it but I don't think it used to count

I've never heard of that not counting and I've seen a multiple videos of people getting the achievement this way. It should work.

I finally beat Asc20 with my favorite character, The Silent. After a long slog through 18 and 19 (both were brutal), it only took a dozen or so attempts to beat 20.

My deck ended up godlike and it was actually pretty easy. Would have been even easier with a Catalyst. I ended the run with every single card upgraded!


Tips for the Silent? I'm having a terrible time getting to A2 with it...

Beat the The Heart for the first time last night with the Iron Clad, my deck was fun to play. I had Dead Branch(get a random card everytime a card is exhausted), Charon's Ashes ( when you exhaust a card all enemies take 3 damage). Then I had Corruption, Jugganaut x2, Body Slam and well basically a defensive deck with a bunch exhaust card decks.
So much fun.

Robear wrote:

Tips for the Silent? I'm having a terrible time getting to A2 with it...

She's the classic combo/ramp archetype of card games. You either try and set up a big combo turn with Shivs/Draw/Discard/Energy or ramp into large poison ticks over time. Poison is much easier and more powerful.

I tend to focus on getting key poison cards like Noxious Fumes (upgraded, it's enough to win the game on it's own) and Corpse Explosion (great for AoE fights). If you can pair any of those with an upgraded Catalyst, you can win any fight.

Other than that, draw is very important. Cards like Acrobatics and Backflip are super important. Adrenaline is amazing if you find it.

Lastly, having access to sources of Weak is very important as you get higher in Ascension. Some of the high Ascension enemies hit like a truck and you need to mitigate that as much as possible. Malaise is great against bosses, especially ones that change forms and remove your poison (Champion F2, Time Eater F3). Just hang on the Malaise for when they change forms and hit them with it right after to gimp their powerful form.

I always like aiming for poison decks with the Silent. Runs where it doesn't work make me disappointed.

Funny thing I use to think you force to learn decks but once you get better it is better to just keep evolving your deck by what drops. At higher ascension levels (I think i'm on 13 or 14 on Defect) to my personal surprise I am actually finding the best strategy to bet look at first 1 or 2 decks then force whatever you pick (obviously making smaller adjustments but not major). This is because you really need every card you take to be effective at the higher levels. So as much as if you don't continue to get the pieces you need you will lose runs by this, the losses like that are fast and you can abandon because you really need majority of your picks to be on for the higher end ascensions.

Free wrote:

I finally beat Asc20 with my favorite character, The Silent. ...

Congrats! I'm slowly plodding along with the ironclad at ascension level 16.

robc wrote:
Free wrote:

I finally beat Asc20 with my favorite character, The Silent. ...

Congrats! I'm slowly plodding along with the ironclad at ascension level 16.

Keep at it. Everything above 15 was way tougher than I anticipated. Asc 18 and 19 were particularly brutal. 20 just adds an extra boss at the end of Act 3, but it's sequential so it's not that bad.

I love StS, but I wish they balanced things a bit differently for different Ascension levels. At 16+, you basically can only win with a very specific deck so you end up restarting a lot cause your run is doomed.

Official launch trailer:

Game officially released earlier this week. Currently $25 on Steam, which (IMO) is a fantastic price for this game.

I’ve always got the game sounds muted, so I forget that all of the characters make noise. So funny to hear the Gremlin Nob actually has a Roar. I’ve only ever seen the written out version.

Got my first heart kill with the ironclad! Crazy amount of healing and the magic flower let me get through everything up to the last elite before the heart relatively unscathed. I limped into the heart with 18 life left and figured I was a goner ... and forgot I'd taken the lizard tail all the way back in act 1. That plus the magic flower put me to 75% health when the heart squashed me with that first big attack and I was able to beat it from there.