NFL 2017 Playoffs Wild Card Thread

Honestly, the repeated inability to throw a simple screen pass was the worst I've seen out of Blake Bortles in a long time. This isn't how he's been performing week-to-week all season, this was peak Bortlesing.

It's like they managed to coach away the worst of his INT throwing (his % is the lowest of his career), but nature abhors a vacuum, so he developed the new flaw of throwing screen passes like Pedro Cerrano swings at curveballs.

His 230 passing yards per game was 16th in the league. It's not like he has been Dilfer-ing it all year. He just went full Bork.


Graph of quarterbacks based on their positively and negatively graded throws at PFF.

Note that throws can be neutral, not just negative or positive, which is why the two aren't just inverses of each other. Like with Drew Brees, he has the lowest negatively graded throw % by far, but he's also beneath the average of positively graded throw %, which means he's making a ton of "neutral" throws (ie. throwing to open receivers, making routine screen passes, etc).

Jameis Winston is 2nd in positive throw % but below average in negative throw %, which I think Milkman will wholly agree is accurate.

Goff is slightly above the average in positive % and slightly below the average in negative.

Bortles is actually slightly above average in negative %, but is 7th worst in positive. Beat Hard apparently barely make a positive throw all season, just a roughly average rate of negatives and all neutral the rest of the way.

But most of all, this is more Jimmy Dick Garoppolo porn.