Gaming Goals for 2018

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Oh, I'll have to check mine!

Can we get a new thread for 2019? I have a stupid idea that I'm going to try for next year.

Feel free to start one, I've started the previous ones, but have no idea what I'd put in for my goals for next year, so don't know how to start it.

Sure thing! Here we go: Gaming Goals for 2019

Veloxi wrote:

Man, 2018 is gonna be a weird year. I have to force myself to buy fewer games because I need a new PC (gonna shell out for a pre-built this time, so tired of building myself), so I suppose my big goal is:

Spend time and enjoy the games I already own. - Did it, to an extent.

Which, admittedly is quite a lot.

My other goal is to use the consoles I've purchased more. I own a 3DS, Vita, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, Genesis and GC-Compatible Wii, and I own a plethora of games for them, so I need to pull myself away from the PC every so often and appreciate the other hardware I own. - Didn't really happen.

May you all reach your goals in 2018!

One out of two ain't bad?

RnRClown wrote:
  • Play a little more frequently
  • Complete Baldur's Gate
  • Get my retro gaming room into shape
  • Try to find a weekly co-op game or two

Darn. I struck out four for four.

Sundown wrote:

1. Spend less time gaming when my son is awake (He is not yet mobile. This will change.)
2. Easy on buying new games until I finish the ones I have. (I'm usually good about this, but it's always worth repeating. I always have a backlog, but this enables me to mainly buy games on steam when they are 60% or more off, which keeps my costs down. I'll have to be careful now that I have a Switch).
3. Related to #2, go back and replay games I liked in the past.
4. Try to do more gaming with friends. (Usually I have just played solo, but I want to start getting more social again. Scheduling with children makes this harder, obviously).
5. Find a long term game. (I usually play a game, then move on. I've been thinking of looking for a game I can keep going back to as my gaming time likely decreases. I'm getting my grips on EU4 now, but it could be Stellaris, or even a more relaxing city builder like Anno 1404).

1, Generally managed to do this.
2. Was actually pretty good about this. I still bought some Paradox DLC for games I haven't gotten back to yet, but I feel like nothing extraneous I got was above $12, so I'll take this one.
3. Did not really do this, since I still play new stuff mostly, with the occasional Pokemon game replay. There's always just enough stuff in my backlog where I don't have to revisit old games unless I'm really jonesing for something.
4. Having my mom get sick and taking care of her and everything around that put a huge dent in this, so it didn't really happen. It's starting up a bit now with smash bros, but I may have to try it again next year.
5. Sort of did this. I spent some more time with EU4 and Stellaris, and will want to revisit EU4 again next year to get into other countries and start trying to get achievements, so I think I found the game, just need to play more of it (also want to learn CK2, but getting my money out of EU4 probably comes first). I actually tried this with some 4x games this year like Endless Space 2 and Civ 6, but really didn't click with them. Never tried Anno.

A_Unicycle wrote:

My gaming goals for the past year consisted of a list of 12 games. I wanted to do a game a month. I think I finished 1 or 2, then played entirely new titles. Oops.

This year, I'd like to play less competitive games. Be less invested in online ranks. I played a lot of Overwatch throughout 2017, and I was honestly so frustrated throughout a lot of it. It was a negative emotion, and I want to surround myself with more positivity.

Sweet success! I haven't played Overwatch much this year, and when I have, it's been with a few friends in quick play. I did recently dip back into competitive for 2 days, but stopped again when I realised it was making me grumpy.

It was a good change. Less multiplayer meant I finished more games. Multiplayer can feel endless and unrewarding, but finishing nice, meaty RPGs or clearing out the backlog feels really great!

tboon wrote:

Play fewer games and read more books.

Reading was way up this year. Gaming was down too, I am having a hard time finding a top 10 for the year. I am calling this a success.

I love this opportunity to look back on how I did, especially as I was trying to be more intentional about the way I played.

My goals for 2018 were:

1) Be more social with my hobbies.

This board was a big part of making #1 happen. I'm glad I found my way here, and I've really enjoyed all of the conversation and how welcoming everyone is. I'm also glad that I found my way to the CRPG and JRPG clubs, as those track very well with my goal.

I didn't always stick with it, though. I picked up Kingdom Hearts for the JRPG Club at a time when people weren't really talking about it any more, and then saw that through, but very quickly abandoned my playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin when it was clear that I had too much else on my plate.

2) Finish more games.

This was my second year with Backloggery, and it's been a big help. Talking about games here has helped too, as have threads like the 12 Month Pile Program and Finished Any Games Lately? Backloggery shows that I'm up a net 4 games on the year, but this is partly because of the way I use it to track games: I bought a compilation or two and, within the compilation, count each game individually. I've finished 16 games this year, and I've also made intentional decisions to sell, or set to Null on Backloggery, an additional 40 or so.

I'm not trying to be a completionist with my backlog. But I do want to be more intentional about what I play, and also about what I buy, and Backloggery helps me do that. It has been gratifying to see myself finish more games, but also really refreshing to just decide, "you know what? I'm not going to play this" and take it off the list.

3) Play in a way that lets me enjoy gaming more.

By this, I meant that while I love gaming, I also know that it can be a coping mechanism that I over-rely on, and that sometimes my love of gaming can encourage me to be a bit solitary or isolated when I really need to reach out to friends, or that it would be better for me to read more and play less, as tboon mentions.

I think I did a good job with this some of the time, but there have been parts of the year that were really difficult and stressful, and I think I've sometimes fallen into a rut where I'll come to depend on gaming to block out some stuff that I don't want to deal with. I do think I'm better able to recognize when it's happening, which is a good thing.

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Back on January 6th, 2017...

Eleima wrote:
Godzilla Blitz wrote:

6 - Concentrate on having fun with all of this.

That's pretty much my only goal. Although I know I'll be getting Mass Effect: Andromeda day one. And I do plan to try and finish more games than I added to the Pile.

So business as usual for me. I want to play games, and have fun, and try to keep my Pile to something a bit more manageable. I'm not exactly sure what 2018 will bring, but I'm looking forward to Tropico 6, the second season of The Wolf Among Us.
Here's to another great year of gaming!
For those of you who do want to get in on Pile Management, the 2018 thread isn't up yet, but the one for 2017 is still alive and kicking, and you're more than welcome to join us.

Well, I had tons of fun, so that's a win. I'm trying to keep the Pile more manageable, and not failing entirely. Still no Tropico 6, and no Wolf Among Us 2 though. (Now I'm sad)

Let's tally:
1. See the credits on at least 24 games (individual episodes count).
- SUCCESS! I'm currently at 25 with 12 days to go. Planning to see credits on another 5 titles, (though 3 of those are low hanging fruit - Among the Sleep, Tacoma, Journey).
Lets just quietly ignore that I bought way more than this not just in individual games, but also in terms of "how long to beat".

2. Finally finish at least five games that have been sitting "at least halfway done" for years now. Prime examples are the first GBA Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy XI, Zelda: Wind Waker, Clock Tower 3, Eternal Darkness and Remember Me.
- Nope. While I did see the credits on my first complete Eternal Darkness playthrough a week ago (you have to play through 3x for the "real" ending), I made no progress in any of the others. Remember Me is on the docket for the rest of the year though.

3. Finish out the Xenosaga trilogy. I only have the third game to go, but I haven't even started it.
- FAIL in two ways. I did actually put the disc into the PS2 two days ago, but my toddler woke up moments later. I also discovered that I had started it sometime in years past, since there was a level 4 save on my memory card.

4. Finish up the mainline Doom games - I only have Doom 3 and its expansion left.
- Didn't happen.

5. Play through a Metroid Prime game. I love 2D Metroid. 3D has yet to grab me, in spite of a few hours into the original Prime and Hunters.
- Nope. Though I made a good choice by starting and finishing Metroid: Samus Returns instead.

6. Knock two or three open world games off the pile. Far Cry 2 will likely be one of them. Other candidates I keep thinking about are S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (any), The Saboteur, GTA San Andreas, Saints Row 3, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, No More Heroes, or Sleeping Dogs.
- Nope. I played a bit of Saints Row 3, but in total probably less than 3 hours. Made no noteworthy progress in Far Cry 2 either (last played in April), but I did start Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor a few days ago and really got sucked in. I can see myself putting lots more time into this if I can find that time.

7. I'm going to play a Thief game (hopefully beyond the first stage) for once in my life. This will most likely be Thief 3.
- Big nope.

8. Restart and play through The Witcher, so I can move on to 2 and 3 in the coming years.
- Nopers

9. Work on Wii games a bit. I bought a bunch of them, but most have barely been touched aside from the odd multiplayer night more than half a decade ago.
- Define "a bit". I did complete about 15-20% of Boom Blox.
...that's it though.

Stretch goal #1: Start and finish Panzer Dragoon Saga.
- Hah!

Stretch goal #2: Start and finish Deus Ex.
- Haha!

Stretchiest goal: (Re-)start and finish Persona 3: FES or Persona 4.
- HAHAHAHAHAAAaaaaaa....wheeze....! Oh....I kill me.

Aspirational goal: get back into online multiplayer beyond just dabbling once every five months.
- Weeeellllll......sorta. I did rack up about 150 hours of Quake Champions this year. Granted, at least 1/3 of that is waiting for menus, scoreboards, finding servers, title screens, level vote screens, levels, and the opening of loot boxes to load, but there was enough actual playing taking place to get to level 51 (I was around 15 this time last year).
While it is technically online multiplayer, I mostly just played co-op comp stomps (or sometimes getting-stomped-by-comps). There was practically no communication aside from a rare glhf or gg. The sole exception is the very few times I played ranked, where the communication was more ample, but almost exclusively toxic.

troubleshot wrote:

1. If my kids are home and awake, I* will not be playing videogames.
2. No gaming past 10p.m. (you should be in bed).
3. No mobile gaming (and social media) on my personal phone.
4. Any online games I need to be playing with friends.
5. Does this experience add value to my life? (No games with grind, no time wasters)

*Gaming with the kids is okay within screen-time limitations.

On the whole I've kept to these goals and have managed to use the time productively, not sure if it has pushed me to be picky or I'm picky as a result of the changes but I'm finding I've bounced off most of the few games I've tried this year and I'm wondering if the time limitations are preventing anything from really getting hooks into me...

tboon wrote:
tboon wrote:

Play fewer games and read more books.

Reading was way up this year. Gaming was down too, I am having a hard time finding a top 10 for the year. I am calling this a success.

Oh! To piggyback on your success, my reading also skyrocketed. It laid claim to much of my free time this year.

Time to report on how I did against my goals:

walterqchocobo wrote:

I don't have big gaming goals for the year but I would like to:

1. Continue the "no new game purchases unless you are going to play it within the same calendar month." In 2017, I was pretty good about this.

Other than the Black Friday purchases (which were heavily discounted), I did pretty well on this. +1

2. Keep an eye on the amount of cheap digital games purchased on super sale--of the 12 PSN games that I bought in 2017 before the holidays, I only played 2 of them.

Not quite as good on this one. Of the eight PSN games that I purchased this year, I have only played two and completed one.

3. Give some Western RPG a try--I have played several JRPGs but never even tried one of the Western versions. I have the Mass Effect trilogy on PSN along with unopened copies of Oblivion and Witcher 3 in the pile.

Fail: Mass Effect, Oblivion and Witcher 3 are still sitting on the pile collecting dust. Speaking of dust...

4. Do something with the fancy gold Zelda 3DS that is gathering dust. I think that I have posted about this before on GWJ but I got a really good deal on a limited edition gold 3DS with Zelda pre-installed. During the same Black Friday weekend, Gamestop had a crazy sale on PS Vita so I got one of those as well. The Vita arrived first and I had several games to play as a PS+ customer. I have not even opened the 3DS box yet. I think that I might need to just open it up, play the couple 3DS games that I have and unload the system. My kids aren't really interested in it and I feel guilty for buying it along with a few games for it and not even opening the box.

Yeah, still collecting dust. It is hard to put down the Vita when it comes to handheld gaming. Maybe 2019 is the year! Fail

5. Keep the game inventory spreadsheet updated. I put together a full inventory of physical and digital games over the holidays and I need to keep it updated so that my pile purchases don't get out of control.

+1 The spreadsheet is updated and guilt units are high when I look at it.

Still, I finished 13 games, maybe 14 if I can get the last couple chapters of Unravel done so not bad.

Whoops, I posted my 2019 goals here. Moved that to the other thread.

Looking back at 2018...

Agathos wrote:

Reaper81 wrote:
Play the Witcher 3.

This one is at the top of my list too.

I tried it, but it didn't stick. Probably worth another look just because everyone won't shut up about it.

Time to take stock of my year! I forgot that I actually wrote down these goals. Let's see how I did.

gravity wrote:

Finish Breath of the Wild and keep playing until I’m tired of exploring

I did it and I played through for months, including the DLC. I think I've played more of this than basically any game. A total success.

Return to and finish the Witcher

Nope. I'd like to try again this year.

Embrace the Switch as my main gaming platform, but find time to play the handful of PC games I really want to get to. Whatever of those games I get to this year, be happy about it

I did exactly this and I'm very happy about it. I basically just played on the Switch all year, as well as going back to my PS3 for a while. I got a new graphics card over the holidays though, so I'm back on the PC in the evenings quite a bit. It'll replace the PS3 for me and I'll keep on with the Switch.

Try to play another Switch game with the same dedication as I put in to Zelda this year. Maybe Mario.

I did this with a couple of games this year, though not to the same level as Zelda, which is fine. I finished Cave Story+, played a bunch of Enter the Gungeon and Dark Souls on the Switch, the latter of which I'm still playing. Overall this is a success and is still ongoing for me.

Overall this is very good. I landed almost exactly where I'd hoped. I had less gaming time than I expected because my commute changed, and given that everything shook out the way I wanted.

jdzappa wrote:

So I’ve been tracking my time spent gaming over the past year and it looks like I spent about 350 hours gaming. That may seem like a lot but it’s far short of the years where I could realistically put in 15-20 hours a week (and to think my WOW guild gave me all kinds of grief for only playing 20 hours/week.) Also, at least a quarter of that time was spent playing with the kiddo. So faced with the new normal, here are my goals:

1. Be careful picking out big rpgs/strategy games. I’m going to for example play only one grand strategy game and maybe two meaty rpgs.
2. I’m going to try and do more console gaming now that I have a Switch.
3. I still want to do more coop but have given up on competitive play. I just don’t have the time.
4. I’m going to enjoy gaming time with my son more. He loves arcade and fighting games that I suck at, but I want to embrace the experience.

Overall I hit most of my goals! In gaming at least...

1. Strategy games like XCom 2 and Warhammer Total War still consumed my life. On the plus side, I beat Pillars of Eternity 1 and made a lot of progress in Fallout 4.

2. I played my Switch extensively and also picked up a PS 4.

3. This one I failed hard. Got sucked back into WOW hard and spent too much time playing again. On the plus side, I leveled from 1-120.

4. I succeeded at this mostly. I had no idea how many headaches Fortnite would give me, but it’s been a fun ride.

billt721 wrote:

1. With the exception of the Civ expansion, I don't plan to buy any new games next year because...

2. I need to get through some of my backlog. I don't intend to force myself to finish games I'm not enjoying, but I'd like to give each game I try at least 2 hours. Looking at my list for this year, I count ~25 games that I played for the first time, and that includes spending 4 months playing nothing but The Witcher 2 and 3. Channeling that time into playing other games in my library should allow me to get through a large chunk of my backlog.

3. Finally, as part of getting though my backlog, I'd like to give immersive sims a chance. I've never played one other than a few minutes of the original Deus Ex, so I'd like to correct that oversight and I have a few of them in my Steam library.


1. Actually, I'm ok with how I did. I bought Surviving Mars on my birthday in July and then bought Into the Breach when it released for Mac and then nothing until the Thanksgiving Steam sale.

2. Mixed bag. I replaced 4 months of Witcher 3 with 6 months of Zelda and thus got through fewer games than I did last year. However, I did actually make a dent in my backlog, just not as big of one as I would have liked.

3. Nope