Heroes of The Realm Launched!


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Very happy to kick off the next GWJ storytelling RPG podcast Heroes of The Realm! Episodes one and two are now live! We'll be moving to a bi-weekly schedule after this week. If you'd like to subscribe, just search 'GWJ RPGs' in your favorite podcast app!

Thirty years ago when they were kids, our players were pulled into a world of mystery and magic where they became heroes and saved the realm from disaster. After their work was complete, the powers that be kicked them back out into the real world where only mere days had passed. Some choose to remember their time in the realm, while others choose to forget.

Now, thirty years later, they have all ended up back in their hometown of Prairie Grove as four kids were discovered dead in the same field they went missing so many years ago. Something has gone wrong and the realm seems to be calling once again.

Game Master:

Karla Andrich
You may know Karla from her player roles on The Unmarked and Orbital Decay. With a background in theatre and in school to become a therapist, Karla has many tricks up her sleeve.


Cory Banks
A player in The Unmarked and podcaster for The GWJ Conference Call, Cory is the token red head.

Ariel Jaffee
A first time player in the GWJ RPG series, Ariel is a game designer who worked many years at Turbine and currently works at Demiurge. She's a long time roleplayer and friend to the GWJ crew.

Amanda Knowlton
A GWJ Conference Call regular, this is Amanda's first appearance as a GWJ RPG player. She's known to run Fiasco games and drunken Rocket League matches online.

Michael Zenke
Our game master for Orbital Decay, this is Michael's first appearance as a GWJ RPG player. He's a former writer for Bungie and currently plying his trade at Sucker Punch.

Production Crew:

Shawn Andrich
Co-Founder of Gamers With Jobs and former player in The Unmarked and Orbital Decay, Shawn puts all the audio together and edits the show.

Sean Sands
The other Co-Founder of Gamers With Jobs and former player on The Unmarked and Orbital Decay, Sean created the music for Heroes of the Realm.


Awesome! Looking forward to listening once I finish up Orbital Decay. (I'm behind on that one since it was my yard work audio of choice over the summer, but it's cold out now!)

I am so glad Mike decided to not roleplay a cat person... cause he is obsessed with cat people. OBSESSED.

I didn't know this was a thing as I don't usually listen to podcasts, but congrats on the press!


More and more actual play experiences are cropping up every day. One that I’ve recently fallen for is the GWJ RPG. Performed by members of the Gamers With Jobs community, I’m particularly smitten with the Orbital Decay campaign. It’s using an obscure game system called Powered By The Apocalypse, which gives players and game master alike equal say in how the fictional worlds get created. Best of all, it’s being run by game writer Michael Zenke, who was previously narrative lead on Destiny 2. The series so far reminds me a bit of what would have happened if the SyFy channel’s Dark Matter hadn’t gone completely off the rails.