USB speakers and USB Headphones - Yes! It works!

So the problems continue. I found that when I switch back and forth between 3.5mm connected speakers and USB headphones, sometimes odd things happen. The worst is when the microphone on the headphones works, but the sound only comes out through the speakers. And that's with the default output set to the speakers! WTF.

The USB headphones have their own driver, separate from the audio card that drives the 3.5mm output jack.

So I'm thinking I may just ditch the 3.5mm connected speakers and go with a USB set. Any advice? Will this work or will I still have issues? I assume I'll still have to switch between them by setting a default playback device. But will the drivers fight?

Any recommendations on a decent set of USB speakers with subwoofer? Or can I use a USB to 3.5mm physical adapter and keep the ones I have? Enquiring minds want to know!

Just as an aside: this is what happens in OSes that don't get tested correctly anymore.

I found a $22 Dell AC511 sound bar, designed to hang below their displays, and that installed itself and behaves flawlessly with my USB headset. I switch in the sound control widget and everything is good. (I don't need fancy sound with the speakers, given that the headset has directional sound, so simple and cheap is good.)

Recently finding I have the same issue, Robear.

You able to find non-hardware solution?