Heroes of The Realm - Episode 1

Welcome to Heroes of The Realm, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Karla Andrich as she takes Cory Banks, Amanda Knowlton, Ariel Jaffee and Michael Zenke from the real world and back into The Realm.

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Music created by Sean Sands


oh, looking forward to this.

Half an hour into episode one and I'm digging it. Thank you for making something fun and compelling - and for releasing it over a holiday where many of us badly need an escape to another realm!

Cory Banks. He was "The Voice of the Red Ravens" correct?
Honestly, I really missed his Humour in orbital decay.

He was, yes!

I haven't finished Orbital Decay, but I'm loving this. Great so far. The conversational interactions are great. It feels like that doesn't happen much in OD.

Really enjoyed this episode, too. Looking forward to more. I loved Chet a lot in the Unmarked, but his reluctant hero thing went on a little too long for me. I am excited to see what Cory does with this one.

I love the conceit of the story (Dark Narnia/ The Magicians/ Stranger Things 30 years later) and I'm interested in seeing where the characters can go from here! New commute favorite. =)