Lineage 2 - On Mobile

Saw that game on my recommandation of Google Play.

It's like a idler in a mix of MMO.

Anyway, made a clan for Goodjers : "GamersWithJobs".

The clan is on Aden04. It is open for recrutement. It is currently a level 10 clan.

Might not play for long (Edit as of April 8, didn't miss a single day since opening :S), but if anyone does, search it up. (Clans opens at level 10).

We are currently 4-5 active people, to my surprise.

Lineage 2 was one of the worst grindy grind fests out there when it was around. I can't imagine what a mobile game would be like!

Lineage 2 was improved over Lineage 1 and i still won't go near it again. It also made me hate grinding and makes classic WoW feel like it has no grind.

I played it for a few days but quickly lost interest. It's definitely an idler; there isn't much actual decision making to be had, you just keep auto-doing the dozens of activities and claiming all the rewards and then repeating.

I'm now level 180, no penny have being giving to this game, and still goes back !

It does scratch my MMO itch good. Now, I'm tempted to look back at the PC version, but I know I shouldn't.

Oh, and the game runs good on Bluestack. I didn't know about this program...

There was a servers merger. New level limit of 260.

We are now on Valakas N1.

There is new servers as well that rested, design for new comers.

Surprisingly, we are quite a few people active. Some come and go, but we are 3-4 always on.