NCAA basketball 2017-18 catch all.

UVA continues to be kryptonite for UNC. Can't take anything away from them though, they are better than people think they are.

Now just to wait and see where they go!

Go (dancing) HERD!!!


I went to go look at the brackets tonight and realized I know even less about the state of college basketball this year than I can ever remember since I first started paying attention a long long time ago. I'm going to have to do some serious reading to fill out a bracket that is not pure guesses.

This year was insane. Maybe 3-4 weeks ago, 13 of the top 25 all lost to unranked teams. Anyone can beat anyone.

That's also why the bubble was so crazy and you could make an argument for about 5-6 teams to be in that were left out. NIT should actually be interesting to watch this year with 5 Top 40 KenPom teams in it that somehow got left out of the big dance.

Oklahoma getting in seems to be the biggest one getting talked about, and I'd have to agree. I mean, hell, I'm annoyed Michigan St. got a higher 3 seed than Michigan (Michigan beat them in Lansing, beat them on a neutral court, had better quad 1 wins, strength of schedule, etc.), so I can't imagine the degree to which I'd be fuming right now were I an Oklahoma St. fan, and I feel awful for the players. I don't follow that conference, but it sure looks like they got hosed.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Go (dancing) HERD!!!


They went alright! The Herd keeps thundering!

I usually cheer for Murray St. But I want a WVU v Marshall game now

Ags are through to the round of 32!

Tyrian wrote:
UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Go (dancing) HERD!!!


They went alright! The Herd keeps thundering!

Ok, now we have to beat WVU and make the Sweet 16. Go Herd!

Literally everyone on this thread might want to tune in to watch #1 UVA losing by double digits to a 16 I've never heard of with about 11 minutes left to go.

I was shutting it down for bedtime when Twitter alerted me to this fact, so there's one actual good thing it's done lately.

Edit: I believe this game is on TNT.

History could be happening. I'm watching.

If this holds, someone might want to track a potential spike in golden retriever adoptions tomorrow.

This game is awesome.

Their Twitter feed is also awesome:

This is happening. Holy sh*t.

This is like a Globetrotters game right now.

UMBC wins by 20

To anyone I alerted in time: You're welcome.

I tried to watch, but the site would not load it.

Don't worry, they'll be playing highlights all week. I don't know how many 3s UMBC hit, but it was a lot.

I'm free. This Virginia team will not be remembered for that .9 seconds at Louisville anymore. They'll never show that highlight again.

What was it I was saying about UVA being better than people gave them credit for?



Kinda makes the ACC look weak, but it is what it is. Frankly, this is a flaw in the Virginia system. The team had no idea what to do when the pack-line failed. Realistically, Tony Bennett had no idea what to do.

They had never been tested fully, and were seriously found wanting.

Let’s just say a casino in Vegas was a fun place to watch that amazing upset.

Damn it I was falling asleep two hours ago and after that I'm still wired!

Well my bracket is completely dead now. Must find clips of the game I'm allowed to watch.

FWIW these juniors were freshman when we had the craziest comeback in tournament history versus NIU two years ago. I particularly remember Admon Gilder playing a key role in that win.

Only class and coach in school history to make two Sweet Sixteens.

Hey Louisville won another NIT game. I'll take it. Better to win in the NIT than lose yeah?

Ugh, heart breaking loss today, but hats off to the A&M crowd, they played hell of a game.

And now Clemson has destroyed auburn. Syracuse takes MSU.

What a tournament.

First time ever the 1, 2, 3, and 4 seeds from a region didn't make Sweet 16. Kentucky the lucky beneficiary of that one as the 5-seed.

And yeah, some wild upsets. Nevada came back from 22 down with 11 minutes left to beat Cincinnati by 2.

And we've still got WVU-Marshall about to start up tonight. Lot of love there.

Xavier collapses too. Whole city of Cincy having a bad night