NCAA basketball 2017-18 catch all.


Games start tomorrow. Polls were out last week. But I was waiting for the big SBNation preview, out today. Top 100 players, top 25 teams, top 25 games to watch, season predictions, best freshmen list, etc. Good read.

Other polls here

On my phone now. I'll come back to add hero later.

Hopefully this year sees the Ags return to the tourney! We had that exciting Sweet Sixteen run two years ago; those freshmen are juniors now, and we have some additional pieces we didn't then.

Of course, we lost Alex Caruso, who has been defying all expectations by putting on great performances within the Lakers organization.

Watching A&M and WVU now. Good opening night.

Indiana and Kentucky losing at the half to Indiana St and Utah Valley, respectively.

Stele wrote:

Watching A&M and WVU now. Good opening night.


For those who didn't watch, the #25 Aggies just beat the compound, complex, Fightin' Texas Aggie class of '98 HELL outta #11 West Virginia! Whoop!

(Won by 23 points.)

Couple of competitive games last night. Although the Duke-MSU was a little more enjoyable from a basketball perspective. Kansas-Kentucky was sloppy. But at least the right blue team won that one.

4 ranked teams playing each other tonight. These early season tournaments are fun.

Stele wrote:

4 ranked teams playing each other tonight. These early season tournaments are fun.

Fightin' Texas Aggies whipped USC to remain undefeated! We should be top ten in the next poll, easily.

If they are who they look like so far, this could be the best men's basketball team in school history.

Ugh. The Heels got flatout curb-stomped by Mich State last night. Ugly game, and poor play by UNC was secondary to how well Izzo's squad locked down on defense. We looked sad, and nothing like the championship squad from last year. I dunno what the ending shooting percentage was, but it couldn't have been better than 25-26% from the floor. Not to mention all the FTs left at the line!


Welp, loss in November is better than a loss in March!

Duke had another crazy comeback, which should have ended with Bagley fouling out with just over a minute left. But the refs swallowed their whistles and Duke took the lead.

Stele wrote:

Duke had another crazy comeback, which should have ended with Bagley fouling out with just over a minute left. But the refs swallowed their whistles and Duke took the lead.

I didn't stay up to watch. Wasn't sure I could stomach it after the drubbing UNC took at MSU's hands. Glad I didn't!

Anas Mahmoud almost pulled off a triple double tonight for Louisville.

17 points, 13 rebounds, and 9 blocks. So close.

Yeah it was just Sienna, but nice to see the big guy wake up, and see us cover the spread.

I watched the first half of the Washington / Kansas game. It was more competitive than I expected, but I figured Kansas would crush them in the 2nd half so I went to bed. Wake up this morning and discover the opposite.

Basketball is nuts.

As of today's RPI ranking, your Fightin' Texas Aggies are the numero uno team in the land. I must say we are unaccustomed to such.

Duke, Kansas, Florida, top 5 teams dropping like flies this week.

UNC goes on a 9-0 run at the end of the game to steal a road win from a VERY good Tennessee team. Nail biter, to say the least.

Rick Barnes love him or not, is doing good work there. A few years of success, and they will start challenging for space in the SEC, I think (and definitely don't count them out this year!)

So... how about Wofford?

Yeah, that was... um. Wait, what?

I was THERE. Clearly, I'm not allowed to actually go to UNC home games.

A few missed calls, but the real story was forgetting to play defense on more than half of the possessions. Who knew that other teams could put the ball through the hoop if you stopped paying attention to them?!

Sigh. I imagine that locker-room will need a few new coats of paint tomorrow. The post-game speech was likely to be blistering in nature.

Louisville with their first ranked win over FSU on the road, coming back from down 17 in the first half (13 at halftime) to win by 4. Ends FSU's 28-game home winning streak!

Might be life left in this team after all.

If Kansas is going to with their 14th straight Big 12 title, it's going to be a dogfight. They have a serious deficit in front court play. They did get 6-9 Silvio de Sousa in today. With some luck, 6-10 Billy Preston is cleared next, hopefully soon. They can't win enough games with just one forward, no matter how good their Azubuike is. too easy to isolate him and get him in foul trouble.

As it stands, the top four teams ion the Big 12 are all 4-1, so it's go time. Each of the four with one loss, lost to one of the other four. 16th rated TCU was undefeated coming into conference play, and is now 1-4.

For Kansas, Big Monday is going to be, well, big, as they take on WVU in Morgantown.

Loved this story. I've used Beware of the Phog and The Phog as my fantasy team names ever since this. And damn, anything that brings me back to watching Danny Manning's championship run is a good thing.


The story behind KU’s ‘Beware of the Phog’ banner ... from the men who created it

“I was bored,” Gilmore says with a laugh. “Sorry, Tom McCoy. I was bored in your class.”

Nearly 30 years later — on the night before KU’s home game against Kansas State — Gilmore is here because his mind wandered on that February day. He’s part of a group of 15 men who have traveled from South Carolina and Missouri, Kentucky and Kansas to commemorate the cloth that binds them.

Or in this case, the banner.

Three decades ago, these men gathered around shower curtains at Marvin Hall. They ate pizza, drank beer and painted furiously into the night.

The result is as much a part of KU’s history as the Rock Chalk Chant or Allen Fieldhouse.

The “Beware of the Phog” banner that looms on the north end of KU’s home court? Gilmore and his buddies are ready to tell you the story behind it.

Gentemann was intrigued. Gilmore had liked the sound of “Beware of the Phog” when he heard a similar phrase from a commerical promoting John Carpenter’s “The Fog” movie, while the “Pay heed all who enter” part was all his own.

“It’s ominous,” Gentemann says.

The two talked more about it after class. Gilmore wanted to create a basketball banner — a huge one — that could be displayed for KU’s home game against Duke on Feb. 20, 1988.

That Duke game was one of my favorite sporting moments in my entire life. KU lost in double OT. It snapped a 50+ home winning streak. KU went on to lose to Oklahoma and K-State at home later in the season. Then, in March, they beat K State in the Elite Eight. They Duke in the Final Four. Then they beat Oklahoma for the championship. That was a magical season, and man fitting that it inspired this banner.

Three years earlier, Gentemann had won a sign contest sponsored by the KU Athletic department, using Biblical-looking text to write, “On the sixth day, God created Manning.” The reward for his efforts? Gentemann said the athletic department gave him a keg of beer.

“That all of a sudden made us banner experts,” Gentemann says.

He now had his blueprint for his latest project. The tone of Gilmore’s “Pay Heed” message had a similar feel, so Gentemann believed the top line needed Gothic-type lettering to reflect that.

“If I had been the one to lay it out, it would have been boring. It would have been Arial font,” Gilmore says. “The saying’s still there, but it’s because of (Michael) that it’s iconic.”

The execution was impressive as well.

The legacy of the original, though, still lives on.

Before Gilmore, no one called KU’s home building “The Phog.” Now that’s commonplace, with ESPN’s Jay Bilas and Scott Van Pelt using those two words as often they do “Allen Fieldhouse.”

Gilmore and Gentemann get no royalties from their phrase or banner — they never trademarked them — yet they know what was created isn’t about that.

“Beware of the Phog” is now a part of KU lore. It’s as Jayhawk as the Campanile or Wilt Chamberlain or the Fieldhouse itself.

In that way, the 15 men that gathered in section 12 on Saturday were proud of what they’d done, creating a new identity for KU basketball.

And also a banner that binds them all.

Maybe it's covered in your link, but it's not in the excerpts you posted: Why "The Phog"? Did they totally invent that nickname?

Allen Fieldhouse is named for Forrest C. "Phog" Allen

Phog Allen was college basketball's first great coach and the yardstick for professional longevity and success. Learning the game from James Naismith while a player at the University of Kansas, Allen and his teams dominated the game, were fundamentally sound, well-coached, and textbook in their approach. Considered the father of basketball coaches, Allen had the ability to be engaging, yet stern -- reasonable, yet forceful. He compiled more wins in college basketball than any other coach until longtime colleague and former player, Adolph Rupp surpassed him in 1966. Allen's contributions to the game extended beyond the hardwood of the halls of learning. One of the founders of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), Allen was also the driving force behind basketball becoming accepted as an official Olympic sport in 1936. In 1952, Allen received an Olympic Gold Medal as a member of the U.S. team's coaching staff in Helsinki.

Kansas, Duke show why it's hard to beat the king

I admit it. I gave up on Kansas last night. I was busy and didn't turn it on until the second half, and they were already down 43-28. They shaved it down to seven, as I headed out to pick my wife up from work. But by the time I pulled into the parking garage, it was back to 12, and Azubuike had four fouls. They were toast, and I didn't turn the game back on as I drove home, choosing to chat with Teresa instead.

Then I headed out to grab something to eat, so I turned it back on the radio and Mykhailiuk was hitting two free throws to give KU at 61-60 lead. Azubuike fouled out with a minute left and a 67-64 lead that I thought might be done for. But KU hung on for a 71-66 lead and sole possession of first place in the Big 12 at 5-1. KU had lost in their previous 4 trips to Morgantown.

Still 12 more games to go. Love that with 10 teams, everybody plays everybody home and away. No one gets an easy schedule by luck of the draw.

If Self pulls this off, it will be his best coaching performance of his career, in my opinion. KU is not the best team in the Big 12, and there are four other teams that can easily take the title. But the dude just wins conference games.

Now if we can win some Final Four games...

I saw the early score and decided not to watch. Then saw Twitter before bed and was shocked.

Figured you had a great night.

Louisville finally breaks through at Notre Dame last night. Last win there, 1994. Played them 6 times during our co-existence in the Big East and never got a road win, including that crazy 5OT game in 2013.

After breaking that FSU home streak last week and now this streak, things are starting to come together.

Ugh. Not a good week for the tar heels. A disaster at V. Tech, followed by an OT loss to NCSU at home.

Team seems like it just can't figure out how to play defense consistently. Not are they able to play with intensity for 40 min. Some soul searching coming up, I think.

Stele wrote:

Louisville with their first ranked win over FSU on the road, coming back from down 17 in the first half (13 at halftime) to win by 4. Ends FSU's 28-game home winning streak!

Might be life left in this team after all.

Florida State gets a revenge win over Louisville to hand them their first home ACC loss.

We needed this one.

Yeah that was...

I mean maybe if Spalding doesn't twist his ankle and miss the last 8 minutes.

Or we hit some FTs.

Or anybody else takes that final shot to tie.


You just lost to Wake Forest!


Not a good hoops day.

Not for many of the top teams. Kansas goes down to Okie State, losing at home for the third time.

Kansas is going to continue to struggle with consistency due to the lack of front court depth. If they hit threes, like when they dominated A&M last week, they will roll. But threes sometimes just stop falling. OSU just guarded the three point line, and it threw KU off.

Their hope was to get Billy Preston and Silvio de Sousa for conference play. But Preston failed to clear and is now playing in Europe. De Sousa has cleared, but is playing like a high school kid that just graduated early. He’s been getting 2 minutes a game. They would have been better off sitting him and not wasting a year of eligibility, although he is probably not going to stay four years anyway.

It is a testament to just how good Bill Self is that the team is still tied for first with their weaknesses.

I went to the A&M game yesterday where we ran SoCarolina out of the gym. My eight y.o. daughter was asking me about the Bonus and Double Bonus. She's waaaaay ahead of me at that age.