[Discussion] Mass Shootings - Yeah, we need a thread just for this...

This year is the deadliest year ever in terms of mass shootings. In a political climate of polarization, it becomes harder to suss out legitimate information from the misinformation propagated by those with political agendas. Complicating this more is the continual resistance of 2nd amendment advocates to allow for political talk surrounding these massacres. This will involve political discussion to see if there are ways we can all agree might be good ways to prevent mass shootings.

This discussion should involve the details of any current, or future mass shooting, and how they compare to past mass shootings. How are they the same? How are they different? Do gun laws have an impact? Does the race of the shooter affect how we treat them? What makes one a hate crime and one an act or terrorism? Are these shootings the price of freedom?

Perhaps those children should have thought twice before violating the non-aggression principle.

Stand your ground!

That defense depends highly on the skin color of the throwers and the shooters.

I almost included that as a second sentence...

OG_slinger wrote:
The Southern region has the highest percentage of households with firearms and the least safe storage practices (Okoro et al. 2005). Not surprisingly, most Southern states are “exporters” of guns traced in crime (Mayors Against Illegal Guns 2010).

So... Red states?

Sounds like they are in the Red...

It's looking like a teenager in Grantsville, Utah shot their entire family. Four are dead, including three under the age of 18, and an adult male was wounded.

In Thailand a soldier killed 20 people and wounded 21 more.

Oh the guy hasn't been arrested or taken down yet. He is hold up in a mall.

Not America this time.