[Discussion] Mass Shootings - Yeah, we need a thread just for this...

This year is the deadliest year ever in terms of mass shootings. In a political climate of polarization, it becomes harder to suss out legitimate information from the misinformation propagated by those with political agendas. Complicating this more is the continual resistance of 2nd amendment advocates to allow for political talk surrounding these massacres. This will involve political discussion to see if there are ways we can all agree might be good ways to prevent mass shootings.

This discussion should involve the details of any current, or future mass shooting, and how they compare to past mass shootings. How are they the same? How are they different? Do gun laws have an impact? Does the race of the shooter affect how we treat them? What makes one a hate crime and one an act or terrorism? Are these shootings the price of freedom?

Here is MD, the "school resource officer" is a pretty common fixture even in the rich schools.

High schools more commonly seem to have them than elementary or middle schools.
Also security has been a part of schools for the rich worldwide.

Here in the city, my daughter has had metal detectors and armed guards at her school starting in 6th grade, when she started middle school.

I used to work in a middle school in a small city, and we had one armed guard hired by the district plus one police resource officer from the city who was there a few days each week.

My high school had a septuagenarian lady with a stern gaze at the front office.

Jonman wrote:

My high school had a septuagenarian lady with a stern gaze at the front office.

IMAGE(https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.64967fe8ea3474a183d87d736cce4852&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fW8GPIDjqsj2MM%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=OJAF%2fB2TFZMfXrDlyecO%2fQ )

Jonman wrote:

My high school had a septuagenarian lady with a stern gaze at the front office.

I am reasonably certain that was a more effective deterrent than an armed guard. <-- not sarcasm.

My high school had Coach Perkins who scared the hell out of all of us. I had him for JV football as well and he made you want to bury yourself in a hole rather than disappoint him.

Three decades later, I ran into him at my weekly run group and he didn't look like he had aged a day. We sat down for coffee and bagels after a 15 mile run and got caught up on what had transpired in the interim. I confessed that I was messed up from all kinds of issues back then and I apologized for giving him a hard time. He laughed and said "I always knew you would turn out great."

Saw this today - was gobsmacked.

2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than deployed service members

Not sure if it's paywalled for folks, for which I apoligize, headline pretty much says it all though. Granted, the story goes on to explain that it depends on how you definie military deaths and why that number isn't always reliable, but even stil...

Edit - just realized it's not 2018 anymore so this is over a year old.

It's continued in 2019 from what I heard the other day after the most recent school shootings, plural.

My son's middle school always has three armed police officers at the entrances to the school in the mornings and a while back one of the 8th graders made some kind of "hit list" post on facebook so for the next 3 days they had multiple police cars around the building with a couple of k-9 units always patrolling. At times like that I feel like I'm dropping my 12 year old off at a prison rather than a school. And mind you, this is one of the best schools in the state in a "nice" area.

Freedom-Wielding High Schooler Freedoms Down 16 Classmates In Latest Mass Freedoming.

When talking to a rather conservative brother in law I mentioned that we're not the good guys any more because we torture kids. When he asked me to clarify his son mentioned family separation at the border and I replied "Or maybe I meant toddlers needing to do active shooter drills? Take your pick."