[Discussion] Mass Shootings - Yeah, we need a thread just for this...

This year is the deadliest year ever in terms of mass shootings. In a political climate of polarization, it becomes harder to suss out legitimate information from the misinformation propagated by those with political agendas. Complicating this more is the continual resistance of 2nd amendment advocates to allow for political talk surrounding these massacres. This will involve political discussion to see if there are ways we can all agree might be good ways to prevent mass shootings.

This discussion should involve the details of any current, or future mass shooting, and how they compare to past mass shootings. How are they the same? How are they different? Do gun laws have an impact? Does the race of the shooter affect how we treat them? What makes one a hate crime and one an act or terrorism? Are these shootings the price of freedom?

sonny615 wrote:

Holland as a country has the most warm and welcoming people.

....if you're white.

If you're not, then hello culturally ingrained racism!

Ran across this, found it moving, leaving it here.

Report in the Times left a rather bad taste in the mouth today.

Seems President Erdogan of Turkey is actually using the body cam footage at his political rallies, and because most of the media is under his thumb as well their broadcasting the rallies uncensored around the country.

Oh and apparently Erdogan has declared that the nut job responsible is actually a "Christian terrorist" to boot, you know just encase his base wasn't whipped up enough.

Sydney Aiello, one of the survivors of the Parkland shooting, took her own life last Sunday. She struggled with survivor guilt and had been diagnosed with PTSD. She was attending college, but had difficulty because she felt unsafe in the classrooms.

Jesus that's awful

Tragic and infuriating that these poor kids felt so trapped that they saw no other way out. Society as a whole and the government in particular have failed them and their families.

And now one of the Sandy Hook parents. That one hits me very close to home.


It looks like NZ voted nearly unanimously to ban assault weapons (single dissenting vote).

My Australian friends are all making note of the fact that a native Australian had to travel 4100 km (roughly the distance between Los Angeles and Raleigh) over open ocean to a foreign country to commit his mass murder because the gun laws in Australia would and did prevent him from obtaining the tools for his atrocity there.

Gun laws work.

Meanwhile in America a law in Pennsylvania finally went into effect that requires people convicted of domestic violence to surrender their firearms to the police, their lawyer, or a licensed gun dealer within 24 hours. Previously, people convicted of domestic violence had 60 days to surrender their guns, which they could just give to a friend or family member.