What to do about Walmart rejecting my Vizio refurbished TV

Hey everyone, looking to see if anyone had any advice dealing with Walmart warranties and their product care plans for a refurbished TV.

Last Fall I purchased a refurbished 50-inch Vizio tv (M50-C1 model), and being a bit wary about this being a refurbished TV I purchased a 3-year Product Care Plan for the TV. Everything was fine until about 2 months ago when some horizontal lines started flickering on the bottom of the screen. I kept hoping maybe the problem would go away, but it just got worse and worse.

Eventually a black spot showed up in the lower left corner that was very hot to the touch. I called Walmart support and sent them the photos, and they warned me the TV was heating up from the inside and to unplug it from the wall immediately! They sent a box to have it repaired, and sent it back to me "fixed" earlier this week. When I plugged it in today though, the same issue was still there. Prior to receiving the TV they sent me emails saying they were ordering parts and that they had fixed it.... but I guess they didn't.

I called their support line again, and after a nice hour wait I explained they didn't fix the TV. The support line operator then looked again at the photos I sent from my original call and said their team determined "that there was physical damage" and this was not covered by the warranty. They had no notes of what the heck Asurion (Walmart's TV fixing people) did with the TV for 1 week. I tried doing the "let me talk to you manager" thing, but that didn't work. They said they would talk to Asuion and get back to me... but I'm thinking I'm going to get screwed since I stupidly waited until this horizontal line problem got so bad the screen was starting to delaminate.

So any advice here? Filing a complaint with BBB? Also btw I did not drop the TV, it was up on the wall the whole darn time.

The warranty doesn't cover physical damage? Like, what else would it cover? Software only? That seems super strange. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice. Double check the fine print on the warranty paperwork, and maybe see if your state has some kind of consumer protection bureau that you could go to?

Also, if you used a credit card to pay for it, see if your card has a warranty plan for purchases. Many do, and it might still be in effect after about a year. In fact, some extend the warranty past the original for a year or so.

Posting on social media can be effective.

Thanks for the advice everyone! I started looking into what kind of warranty my CC might provide, but I also wound up filing a complaint with the BBB. Thankfully that got Walmart's attention and they wound up fixing the issue for me. Whew!

Next time an issue like this crops up I definitely won't wait hoping it just gets better... I almost waited too long where the TV screen was probably going to crack from the heat if I waited longer. Thanks again! Yeah Better Business Bureau!