NFL 2017 Week 8 Thread

MilkmanDanimal wrote:

Can somebody call Enix? I might be vaguely curious to hear his reaction to Kelvin the Hutt being traded away.

Sorry, y'all. Life and work intervened. Plus I can't get to the site from work any longer.

So: KB-to-Buffalo was addition by subtraction for Carolina. The Panthers figure they already have one slow-ish big-body guy on the roster (Devin Funchess, who has been decent this year), and they want more speed on the field. (Yeah, I know they let Ted Ginn go; bear with me.) Benjamin isn't fast, and he has a better chance of weighing in at 300 than he does of outrunning most defensive players, including the nose guards.

Also, KB's knee might be wrecked, and he's due a big contract next year (Carolina picked up his option this year), and Carolina figures (a) they need to pay other guys, and (b) they have talent (allegedly) already on the roster. KB also was Dave Gettleman's guy and not Marty Hurney's. So off he goes to Buffalo, and the 2014 Carolina draft class is down to one member (G Trai Turner).

I don't like it -- I have a soft spot for that soft-bellied guy -- but I get it.

Meanwhile, the Panthers didn't use the roster spot on a former Tampa kicker but on the Great White Hype, Jerry Richardson's all-time favorite Panther and the pride of Wofford College, Brenton Bersin.

The Bersin-back-to-Carolina joke hit Twitter two minutes after the KB trade was announced, and damned if the Panthers didn't bring him back. JFC.

P.S. The wild card here? KB was apparently Cam's best friend on the team. Moody Cam is No Fun Cam and also Losing Cam, so I'm a bit worried about how that might play out.

Brian Hoyer signs with New England, in the no-duh move of the day.

Funny, it only now occurred to me that part of the draw for sending Garoppolo to San Francisco was that they would cut Hoyer loose, allowing the Patriots to get a backup that knows their system.

In fact, it turns out the Packers tried to sign Hoyer before he signed with the Patriots. Hoyer turned down potentially starting again this year to return to NE.

I'd bet $5 that the Niners made clear to New England that they would release Hoyer, and that Hoyer's availability made them more willing to make the move. And by signing rather than trading for his existing (signed before Week 1) contract, Hoyer won't count against compensatory picks, hence why he wasn't just included in the trade.

The Cleveland Browns' terrible, horrible, no good, very bad trade deadline story continues to bear fruit.

According to PFT: Ownership went "nuclear" on Browns front office on Wednesday

Per a league source, ownership (specifically Dee Haslam) went “nuclear” on the front office in the aftermath of the failed effort to consummate a trade for Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in the offseason. Clearly there's a lot of finger-pointing going on in the building, and at least at the moment, it's the front office bearing the full wrath of ownership. If Hue can somehow scratch together a couple wins over the last half of the season, can he make a case for himself to stay, blaming the FO for giving him a poor roster?

Possibly its my own bias against the FO, but my thinking is that the FO is gone at the end of the season. What I'm less certain about is if Hue and the coaching staff are. How much starting over does the Browns ownership have the stomach for this offseason? And who would they even be able to attract to the job that's going to be better than Hue?

My prediction:


Hue & company stay for another year. Baseball Paul and Sashi Brown the only ones fired. They keep the rest of their personnel department intact, and promote their most experienced personnel department guy to the top job, their Senior Personnel Executive. A man who has years of NFL general management experience. A man named... Ryan Grigson

Week 9 Thread up, let's all pretend it's still Wednesday. Been a long week.

Stele wrote:

Even when the Browns pay a consultant to help them draft (Bridgewater), they ignore it and draft Manziel instead.

But the destitute guy that Jimmy Haslam talked to before the draft said to draft Johnny Football!