Let's Support Dr_Awkward's Family


Back in May the Dr_Awkward vs. Cancer thread was created after longtime GWJ member (since 2003!) Tim Stanton was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. A GoFundMe page was created and money was raised to help Tim and his family financially while they underwent aggressive treatment for the cancer.

I'm very sad to report that as of today Tim's prognosis is just a few weeks as his body is beginning to shut down. Barring a miracle, Tim is leaving behind a daughter, two six year old boys and of course his wife Missy.

We can't change his prognosis, but as a community who has been blessed with 14 years of his presence we can step up and provide his family a financial cushion to help as they enter into an incredibly difficult transition.

Please visit the GoFundMe page and give what you can. You can also leave a message of support with Tim and his family in the forum thread.

Thanks for reading.


Much love to you guys!

...Doc Awk...

Thanks for highlighting this. So sorry to hear the news.

Thanks for sharing this. Doc is one of the good ones.
Dude is a master at dropping the most impressive F-Bombs I've had the pleasure of being both the recipient of or audience to in a number of games. Mad love and respect.

<3 <3 <3

You guys..this is so amazing and generous. I would say it brought tears to my eyes, but I honestly have not stopped crying since Saturday.

I came to these forums years after Doc and I started dating, curious to see what was keeping his attention all the time! I discovered such an amazing group of people who thought the world of him.

Fast forward...we threw some slap and tickles, and met some of you in person, opening our home and always being happy to have people from near and far.

Pregnant, going to PaxEast and looking forward to the massive GWJers Meetup to meet many more, and mere hours before the Meetup, our twins were born in Boston.

Doc has been our provider since the kids..always happily so...breadwinner, amazing husband,amazing father, and one helluva gamer.

You guys have touched his, and our, lives more than you will ever know..and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

We have hospice coming on board tomorrow...we have DeThroned coming in from Atlanta tomorrow. Doc went to the doctor today, and he said a week or less was his estimate on Docs time left; yet he is so at peace with it. His largest concern/worry is his family being ok...and with your kind and generous donations, I know that it takes a huge weight off of him, and brings him the peace of mind he hopes for in knowing we will be okay.

So thank you...thank you all, for the financial support, the emotional support, the messages...doc reads the thread, even though he hasn't responded yet, know your messages are being read!

Thank you for the update, Missy. I’d volunteered in a hospice house for a year or so, I’m glad Doc will have a good chance to get comfortable and make the most of his time. I hope you have many beautiful moments together.

Amoebic wrote:

Thanks for sharing this. Doc is one of the good ones.
Dude is a master at dropping the most impressive F-Bombs I've had the pleasure of being both the recipient of or audience to in a number of games. Mad love and respect.

Too funny to see this. We were just talking about this last night. I think my words were "Anyone can throw around the F bomb and swear, but it takes real talent to make vulgarity as unique and creative as you do".

To Doc and family,

I may not know you that well but I wanted to say my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I need to wait till payday but will send something as soon as I can.

Thank you all for your support of my brother and his family!
Here's a good memory of him from one of the GWJ gatherings he hosted...


Brannil wrote:

Thank you all for your support of my brother and his family!
Here's a good memory of him from one of the GWJ gatherings he hosted...


Thanks so much for posting that.

I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said in this thread beyond saying that we're all keeping Doc, Missy, and your family in our thoughts.

I haven't posted anything yet because everything feels inadequate. While looking for pictures for Missy, I realized that for 4 years, going to their S&T was pretty much the highlight of my year. Tim was the first goodjer I met in person, and I couldn't have picked a better one.

Terrible news. I'm glad that he's able to meet his diagnosis with such courage. You guys are definitely making the right call with Hospice. If there are angels in the world, they work in that field. I've sent along a small donation to the cause. I hope that every remaining day is filled with love and happiness.

From Missy on Facebook earlier today:


Today, at 10:57 am my amazingly brave, strong, loving husband was pronounced dead. He passed away in our home, with myself and Alanna by his side. He fought so hard to the end, not wanting to leave his family. He was the most amazing man I could have ever chosen to share my life with. He will be so greatly missed by our whole family, and I am not sure how I will carry on ever.


I'm not sure when Missy will be back on the boards so wanted to keep you guys updated on what was going on. Tim was an amazing human being and will be missed. His last few days were a lot more uncomfortable for him than he would have ever wanted them to be, so his suffering is now over. It really is amazing to see how much you guys all came together to support Missy and the entire family in their time of need. On 3, everyone say "F*CK CANCER"

1 .... 2 ..... 3!

My deepest condolences.

f*ck CANCER!

F*ck cancer.

Bye, Awkward.

f*ck cancer. I'm so sorry, Missy. I'll always remember the good times playing TF2 and L4D2 with Tim.

Posting from Australia, thoughts are with you Missy and your family.
I feel privileged to have had doc in my gaming life.
See ya mate.

I am so very sorry to read that.

We are all very fortunate to have been able to share a part of our lives with Tim.

f*ck cancer, bye Dr_A.

I just say and read through every single post. I am so glad that Vin came here and shared the news, as I was finding it difficult to. Just yesterday, I became a widow at the age of 38 and am now also a single parent in charge of raising our 6.5 year old twins in a way that would make Doc proud.

This was our worst nightmare, and it came true. We kept thinking that our luck had to turn around, and we would get good news, because why would a relatively healthy 47 year old die of colon cancer.

In one of our many conversations towards the end, he said make sure you tell the Goodjers that I love them; and he did. You all gave him hours and hours, and hours of entertainment, whether playing games directly, drinking along side him from 500 miles away, to advice and laughter from the treads. You were a huge part of hie life, and the fact that so many of you have given support to our family during this times, proves that.

An obituary is forthcoming, but there will me a memorial service for Tim on Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11th (Tim was a veteran, so the day couldn't be more fitting) in Milford CT at 1:00pm. If anyone local wants to attend, just shoot me a message and I will give you the address..

I was going to post two pictures that were fitting, but I cant seem to figure it out..blah


Sending love and strength to Missy and the boys.

You’ll be sorely missed Tim.

Sending love your way, Missy. I'm so sorry this happened. I didn't know Doc well and I'm really sorry I missed out on playing with him, but, he had the excellent taste to choose my tag suggestion, and eventually that whole thing turned into a big deal around here. It made me feel a little closer to him.

I'm so very sorry for your loss, and I send my condolences to you and all who loved him.

RIP Doc.

I am so very sorry for your loss. I am glad he had the chance to be with friends and family at his time. I wish you and your family all the best.


I'm so sorry to hear this, Missy.

Rest in peace Doc