Where to store photos online?

What I'm looking for is a good way to store photos online. Ultimately, I would like the following:

1) Not public. I can invite whomever I want to the galleries but not just anyone can see
2) The ability to tag people. You could search for "Steve" and it would show you all pictures that Steve is tagged in
3) Free. This might be a stretch, I know there's a lot of free services out there but not sure which are good and which are a bit lackluster in what you get (storage, ability to tag photos, etc ..)

Right now I'm looking at a couple thousand photos. I understand it's not a ton but would be really nice to get some sort of organization to them.

Outside of the tagging, I would think Dropbox or OneDrive would fit. I think they're both free to a couple of gigs worth of files.

Google Photos does this, but you'll definitely run out of the free space and end up having to pay.

flickr does too, but there is an upper limit to it's free tier as well

Are you looking to keep them in raw format? Google photos stores unlimited photos in pretty good jpg quality, if compression isn't a huge issue for you.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you have access to Prime Photos, which does everything you want, I believe.

I use Flickr and have never had any issues with it.

I use google and its great. Has all the features you're looking for. I'm just not the free space will be enough.

Google, as long as you don't need to store images in raw format then the storage is unlimited.

As others have said Google

From my account page -

High quality (free unlimited storage)
Great visual quality at reduced file size

So it seems like this would be perfect for you.