Amoebic's GWJ Fiasco Scheduling Catch-All (Wednesdays)

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Hello Friends! Let's play a game.

"FIASCO is an award-winning, GM-less game for 3-5 players, designed to be played in a few hours with six-sided dice and no preparation. During a game you will engineer and play out stupid, disastrous situations, usually at the intersection of greed, fear, and lust. It’s like making your own Coen brothers movie, in about the same amount of time it’d take to watch one."

I would like to invite previous players and new folks as well to join us for some digital games of Fiasco!

Over the last year, a few of us have gathered to play the popular Tabletop RPG Fiasco on Roll20! Now that some practice has been hammered out, I've decided to settle on some hard rules for the games I host to make things going forward a little smoother.

Player Limit: 4
If one cancels, the game will go on with a trio.
If two cancel, the session for the day is cancelled.
(Typical attendance rules for many table top groups).
*We've tried 5, but with the media and format, it just runs too long and gets too disjointed with that many. So for now, 4.

Scheduling and Dates and Times:

Sign Up for Fiasco Sessions Here

Due to the nature of the game and the level of commitment required, I would like to organise these sessions via signups. Since these can take 2-3 hours (and sometimes even longer than that in the past), I don't want to waste time dallying around to see if someone else might show up before we finally decide to get started.

Please allow yourselves the time to play for the full 2.5-3 hours allotted. If you're not sure that day, there will always be others! Though I'm happy to accommodate unexpected needs and emergencies as they arise, players often leaving part-way through can disrupt the flow and narrative of the game. We lowered the player count for faster sessions so as not to demand too much of your time. However, if we're already 3-manning and someone has to bail, the game will need to end immediately so do keep that in mind.

Play Days: Typically Wednesdays. In the past, 5pm pst/8pm est is often the earliest folks are able to start.

I would like to keep it to one day, and have it be the same day every week for a few reasons. Firstly, consistency and regularity is good so players can predict and plan. Secondly, at some point, I would like to set these up to be streaming events on Twitch. That way, other folks can enjoy the show and see what the games are like and how they are run.

Playsets, Logistics, and Rules:
In the past, I left it up to the players to suggest Playsets they might want to try, so I strongly recommend if you've signed up for a game to take a peek at some of the Playsets available in the links below to see if any catch your eye. Don't be afraid to bring it to the table, it's merely a guideline and can (and often does) go in wild and crazy directions, so why the hell not?

This is a GM-less game. However, due to how Roll20 operates, I'm the GM only in the sense that I'm in charge of some of the structure and movement of pieces. Since I'm in charge of turning the gears, it's a little much for me to hunt down and find the playsets every week, which would also get a bit homogeneous. I prefer variety and I hope you do, too! If we don't pick your's that week, bank it for a future date.

I strongly suggest picking up a physical copy of the rulebook to have on hand, as the Playset and the game board will be digital already, consuming much of your desktop real estate. Many players have the playset downloaded to their phone and have Twitch Voice Chat and the game board on the desktop.

You will need a headset and microphone. Possibly push to talk, as well, so background noise and chatter are reduced and are not distracting from narrative play.

Things can get wild, crazy, and silly. I hope they do! I would like to have a few conduct rules for everyone:

-conduct yourself with the level of respect we ask of our forum members. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, hateful, bigoted, or explicitly pornographic language or content will not be tolerated and may get you kicked from the sessions. Try to be clever enough to be coy. If it breaks the ToS for GWJ or Twitch in any way, expect it not to be tolerated at the table. We're all adults here, and I won't be needing to warn you more than once should it happen mid-game.

- "Yes, and..." Fiasco is an improvisational collaborative storytelling game involving all players. Do a google for "Yes, and..." in regards to improv to get up to speed if you're unfamiliar with the concept so you come to the table open and willing to try what's handed to you.

That's enough chatter for now! Here's some useful links to get started. If you would like to host your own on different days, by all means! I'll try to update this post with assets for you to use

GWJ Fiasco Roll 20 Board
GWJ Twitch Voice Chat Fiasco Channel
Facilitating Fiasco (A nice little cheat-sheet).
Digital Fiasco Playsets from the Bully Pulpit Website
Roll20 Fiasco board assets & files via dropbox

I'm very interested and happy to see that this is firing up again!

Mondays and Wednesdays each have their respective shortcomings depending on the week. I'll be a date-specific Doodle decision.

Thanks for organizing this!

Oh, oh! I was trying to do something very similar in the LFG Tabletop thread!

Wednesdays would be better for me, although honestly, weekends would be the best. Either way, I'll carve out time if necessary.

Have you thought about some other free one shot RPGs? I was looking at trying something like Lady Blackbird or Lasers and Feelings or Everyone is John if I could get a regular thing going.

One other suggestion: Discord's proven really good for RPGs in my circles. Especially now that it's got a little more robust media sharing, I think it would work well with Fiasco, and it would be a lot easier for people to join in or even listen in if they wanted.

I'm free every Monday after 5-515 PM EST and could realistically play for 2.5-3 hrs until about 1130 EST

Thanks for the helpful suggestions so far everyone, but I'm not regiggering apps, data, days, programs, or systems at this time.

This thread is for specifically planning Fiasco games on Monday or Wednesday within existing established systems. I'm probably only picking one of these days and it'll likely be the same day every week.

If folks want to do weekend one offs, I'd be happy to share the assets I use I'm my games and sessions in dropbox once I get home so you can get your own going. I'd love to see other people doing their own sessions! (might even participate, hee hee).

However, if that is the goal, please do start a separate thread so as not to make planning confusing.



Can do Wednesdays, but not Mondays.

I would like to participate in this and can manage a Monday or Wednesday evening. As a Coen Brothers movie lover, I've always been interested in Fiasco.

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

I would like to participate in this and can manage a Monday or Wednesday evening. As a Coen Brothers movie lover, I've always been interested in Fiasco.

This goes for me as well.

Color me interested haven't played in Fiasco before mostly D&D and Warhammer

I would like to humbly submit The Penthouse Party and Transatlantic Cruise for consideration. Something about those settings seem particularly evocative.

For a gentler entry into the Fiasco world for D&D RPers like me, Dragon Slayers could be really fun!

EDIT: I just realized that it's close to Halloween... We might need to do a Friday the 13th Movie or Haunted House.

Count me in as well! Last few have been wonderful. Wednesdays are usually better, but if we end up playing after 1930 eastern time, I should be able to make it (I FaceTime with my son before then, and he comes first).

If you click the link in my signature (links to my public dropbox), there is a Fiasco folder. One of them is a playset that I got when I kickstarted the Bulldogs! RPG (which I have yet to play). It looks pretty cool.

The other one is a playset that I tried to write, and would be interested in trying to playtest at some point if people are interested? No pressure, maybe once this whole thing gets into full swing?

Anyway, I'm down.

Logging into the Roll20 game, I was excited to see that the next scheduled game is tonight. I'm assuming that's not the case, but just wanted to double check. A boy can dream

Ooh I may be able to make that work with timezones...

*checks time conversion*

Aww dang.

I am interested. I will need some heavy lead time, but I either Mondays or Wednesday will work. Would I need to commit to every week, or can I pop in and out?

Ahhh crap! I was playing with the scheduler, I thought I had cancelled that one.

Up: No you don't need to commit every week. In fact, I once I get this thing rolling, I probably won't need to commit every week, either. I still need to share the images I use in roll20 so other people can make their own boards!

Edit: Assets to make your own Roll20 Fiasco boards!

Wednesdays are better for me. Bu I can do Mondays in a pinch.

When you say, "You don't need to commit every week," is there a threshold? Like, if I can only make it out once a month is it even worth getting involved?

Additionally, is this a good forum for testing out and learning the system? I'm really curious about Fiasco; it seems like the kind of game I'd really enjoy, but I've never played it before and I don't want to commit, find out it's not actually my bag, and then be stuck in between "I don't really enjoy this" and "I can't leave or I'll let people down." (For clarity's sake, I'm talking about week-to-week. I can stick out an evening to avoid scuppering a game night.)

My impression is everything is a one shot, single evening game that can either have semi-regular players or rotate in new people every week. I am in the same boat with you, Feegle. Never played, have watched the Wil Wheaton Table Top play of it, and would love to give it a shot.

I spoke with Amoebic during an Overwatch game earlier this week and it sounds like the plan is to allow observers to listen in on the fun, assuming it is alright with the players. That may be a great way to get a feel for the game as well, especially if the first couple of games have experienced players.

bhchrist wrote:

My impression is everything is a one shot, single evening game that can either have semi-regular players or rotate in new people every week. I am in the same boat with you, Feegle

This is absolutely correct. Every playset is stand alone, single game. And they have nothing to do with each other. The only week to week continuity has nothing to do with the game, but more the players getting more comfortable with each other as you get a few games under your belt. I read the intro posting as trying to get a group of people interested, putting up a schedule with 4 slots and doing this as first come first serve.

Wheaton's Table Top is really good, but I found the playset they used was a little non-ideal for an intro. Wil used it because he co-wrote it. Sitting through a session is a great way to learn it, but honestly, Meebs or several other people can do a very good 2 minute intro to every different please of the game. If you're uncertain of the rules; read them over first, but don't let that hold you back from jumping in. If you're uncertain of gameplay or if this is the game for you, then yeah, watch the TT episode or lurk during one of Meebs' games.

Awesome stuff posted above, and correct!
I would also like to get these things streaming on twich (hence the regular schedule) so people can check it out and see what it's like that way as well.

Interested as well, and I could do Mondays or Wednesdays too. No preference. Been doing RPG'ing almost my life, never did Fiasco, but have wanted to try.

Thanks for the assets! That's super helpful!

Once we get a late-night (post 10pm Pacific) start game, I'm all in for that! I wish I could manage one of these time slots, but unless the kids and wife go on vacation without me, probably not going to happen.

We can always do one-offs once this gets off the ground, as well. Some weekends and late nights we can work out, but it's not something I can do with consistency at those times. and once we're used to doing it getting a game up and going can be faster. Hence the assets, and anyone can host it if they don't mind running the show.

It was a close race, but it seems like Wednesday is the winner! SIGNUPS HERE.
Historically, we've started at 4:30 pst/7:30 est. Does that work for Wednesday people, or is later/earlier Preferred. Remember that 2-3 hours is expected time played.

Next Session: Wednesday November 1st

Wednesday is good for me, but the boys’ bedtime is around 7:30, so it may be a little tight for me. I can make it happen from time to time, though, so if I’m the only one who might benefit from an 8pm eastern start, don’t move it on my account.

Can't really do 4:30 PST. Do we have enough PST people for a later start?

kazooka wrote:

Can't really do 4:30 PST. Do we have enough PST people for a later start?

There's definitely interest in this.

To avoid confusion with the people planning in this thread already, please start your own thread for separate planning and I'll ping those late-night and pst folks to check it out.

Amoebic wrote:
kazooka wrote:

Can't really do 4:30 PST. Do we have enough PST people for a later start?

There's definitely interest in this.

To avoid confusion with the people planning in this thread already, please start your own thread for separate planning and I'll ping those late-night and pst folks to check it out.


So.... do we have a playset for tomorrow?

Not yet! Suggestions?