What games were easy for you as a child, but almost impossible when you got back to them as an adult?

Mine was Dinosaur Park Tycoon. We played it in our computer class in middle school for a few days and I managed to dominate the game. I fully upgrade my park, got all the cool dinosaurs, and had more money than I could spend. I tried it again a few years ago and I could barely get off the ground. I was nearing bankruptcy after a couple hours since I just couldn't figure out how to get money coming in.

I have the opposite experience actually. Most games that seemed crushingly, impossibly hard as a child are relatively "easy" as an adult. Mike Tyson's Punchout, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, different Megaman games and more remained unbeaten by me until I was an adult.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, especially on Reverse/Rebirth mode.

Admittedly, all of my replays of it have been the PS2-port version, Re:Chain of Memories, which definitely changes some of the game's dynamics due to putting the game into a 3D space, but the core Deck gameplay is still there.

I could beat Sonic 2 in my sleep and now I can barely get past level 8.

In the Old Days of Championship Manager 2, I could pick any team and bring them to world class within 2 seasons.

Now with Football Manager Franchise. No matter what I do, I loose - unless I get some exploit tactic from the internet.. which isn't fun so I quit this series and still miss it.

I don't even dare to try a game of Zaxxon, Defender or Donkey Kong.

It's hard being an old fart now and then. Tried world of tanks for a short while, but I ended up riding to the battle field (after reading the instructions and analyzing the map) while the loose or win flag appaered.

I originally would have said this about Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario World, but I think I forgot the amount of hours I dumped into getting good before the many, many more hours where the controls were second nature.

First person shooters on high or very high difficulties. I am old and slow now. I need a game that rewards my ability to strategize and implement tactics otherwise I am screwed.

I was really struggling with Wolfenstein until I dropped the difficulty way down. I am pretty bad at that style of shooter these days.

Reaper81 wrote:

First person shooters on high or very high difficulties. I am old and slow now. I need a game that rewards my ability to strategize and implement tactics otherwise I am screwed.

I'm in the same boat. My hand-eye coordination and reflexes were never amazing to begin with, but they are now in the dumpster.

FPS games are definitely one issue, but even more so, I'm depressed at putting my enthusiasm for rhythm games into a coffin. A decade ago I was proud of conquering both Ouenden games at the toughest level. This year I struggled to get through the first chapter of Thumper.

I guess I should be grateful I was never big on bullet hell shooters.

To be very very honest... I don't think I can ever go back to these games with a house full of underaged kids

Strip Poker (Apple ][ green screen), tough I like Shrek nowadays
Astro Tits (CGA 80886 PC, 8 Mhz - or some specs like that), the sheer bluntness of that game wouldn't suit now

I stopped at the cat races in Grim Fandango shortly after the remaster came out. This isn't a problem with reflexes (as an earlier poster also relates, I got better at some more action-y games as I got older), but rather time and tolerance. A good number of the adventure games a conquered largely came down to buckets of time any not much else new to play.

And as for Grim. Well, I was happy to have just been able to visit Rubacava again, I guess.