The Evil Within 2 Tango!

Had the opportunity to get this a few days ago and man, I'm having a great time with it. If you've played the first one at all you know pretty much what to expect in terms of plot and characters. But the key difference with this one is that they added a small open world aspect to the game about an hour or so in. A "hub" or town area exists, and you are able to go from house to house collecting crafting items, fight odd enemies or experience small little story tidbits that give the game a little more replayablity.

I really haven't been scared at all, but there have been plenty of creepy environments and tense chases that get the blood going. Anyone else out there grab this?

I liked the first one enough to see it through, but the "plot" (with its arbitrary dream logic) left me so cold that I'm not in a hurry to revisit the series. Looking forward to hearing the impressions of you and others, though.

Yeah the plot is more or less the same, but instead of looking for a crazy killer dude you're focused on tracking down your thought to be dead daughter through this artificial dream world.

It's done quite well though, and the enemy design is pretty great. If you're interested in seeing me squirm a bit while playing it and seeing a little bit of what the game offers, just look up Bottlecap Bellybutton on YouTube or Twitch and we have the first few chapters of the game up. I plan on playing and streaming it through its entirety.

9 out of 10 from Polygon. Not a bad write up!

I got this started, and had time to go just long enough to get to the first safe room. So far, so good. After Digital Foundry's writeup about how the PC port wasn't so hot, I wasn't expecting much, but with everything jacked to highest except shadows and AA, I'm getting frame rates close to 60fps at 1080p, so I'm happy.

The only problem is that we're about to leave on vacation this afternoon, and when I get back, I'll have Wolfenstein 2 and Destiny 2 sitting here, so deciding what to play is going to be tricky.

I picked this up over the weekend and made it to chapter 4 on Nightmare difficulty. I have so many nits to pick with this game (writing, voice acting, jank, and more), but none of them have been bad enough to spoil my fun.

Item scarcity is implemented at that perfect sweet spot where I always have enough ammo to deal with the situation in front of me, yet I simultaneously feel like I could run out at any moment. I don't know how they managed to preserve the tension of a survival horror game with large, open world'ish spaces, but they did.

I'm looking forward to finishing it up later this week.