The Evil Within 2 Tango!

Had the opportunity to get this a few days ago and man, I'm having a great time with it. If you've played the first one at all you know pretty much what to expect in terms of plot and characters. But the key difference with this one is that they added a small open world aspect to the game about an hour or so in. A "hub" or town area exists, and you are able to go from house to house collecting crafting items, fight odd enemies or experience small little story tidbits that give the game a little more replayablity.

I really haven't been scared at all, but there have been plenty of creepy environments and tense chases that get the blood going. Anyone else out there grab this?

I liked the first one enough to see it through, but the "plot" (with its arbitrary dream logic) left me so cold that I'm not in a hurry to revisit the series. Looking forward to hearing the impressions of you and others, though.

Yeah the plot is more or less the same, but instead of looking for a crazy killer dude you're focused on tracking down your thought to be dead daughter through this artificial dream world.

It's done quite well though, and the enemy design is pretty great. If you're interested in seeing me squirm a bit while playing it and seeing a little bit of what the game offers, just look up Bottlecap Bellybutton on YouTube or Twitch and we have the first few chapters of the game up. I plan on playing and streaming it through its entirety.

9 out of 10 from Polygon. Not a bad write up!

I got this started, and had time to go just long enough to get to the first safe room. So far, so good. After Digital Foundry's writeup about how the PC port wasn't so hot, I wasn't expecting much, but with everything jacked to highest except shadows and AA, I'm getting frame rates close to 60fps at 1080p, so I'm happy.

The only problem is that we're about to leave on vacation this afternoon, and when I get back, I'll have Wolfenstein 2 and Destiny 2 sitting here, so deciding what to play is going to be tricky.

I picked this up over the weekend and made it to chapter 4 on Nightmare difficulty. I have so many nits to pick with this game (writing, voice acting, jank, and more), but none of them have been bad enough to spoil my fun.

Item scarcity is implemented at that perfect sweet spot where I always have enough ammo to deal with the situation in front of me, yet I simultaneously feel like I could run out at any moment. I don't know how they managed to preserve the tension of a survival horror game with large, open world'ish spaces, but they did.

I'm looking forward to finishing it up later this week.

Just started this and so far so good. Only put in about a hour.

So anyone that picked this game up might want to play the first one first. I'm not really sure since I never played the first one. The game does reference events from the first game. I got a rough idea what happen but I'm might watch a lets play or try to find a recap video. I kind of feel like I'm missing something.

So a first person option was released and I'm liking it more than the third person view. The one downside is i feel dad is moving super slow even when sprinting.

One thing I don't like is the game doesn't have save anywhere option. Check points and save stations are used. I kind of hate this since I have a odd playstyle where I play for like ten minutes chunks. Also when things freak me out enough I want to put scary games down for a bit. So at times I got stressed but didn't want to quit and go through stuff a second time.

I have seen reports of bad performance even on good machines. I had no problems.

So the story. Some lady kidnaps me and states my daughter is still alive. She wants to plug me into a machine to go find her because she went missing inside the machine. I guess this happen before in the first game. Also this reminded me a lot of one of the Fallout games where you go into virtual reality. The concept seems to be the same. There is at least one crazy guy warping the vr world to murder people.

The odd things I come across are murdered people trapped in time bubbles, crazy nightmare environments, a monster lady with saw for a hand and gross body, and mutant people. The mutant people seem to be the other people trapped in the machine.

I found one survivor that seems to be a tech got sent in to repair the machine from inside. How you repair a fake world from inside the world is beyond me.

I'm currently on my way to look for better gear to murder the mutants/victims with. I figure I'll need better gear if I want save my daughter. Also the saw for a hand lady will probably show up again. I'll see if she likes bullets to the face.

Taking the game slow. The save system almost made me drop the game. Well I still might. I ran into a new type of monster. Tried to do a stealth takedown on it but it didn't die. Instead I got instant killed, couldn't even jiggle out of it. I get sent back about 15 minutes. I try again but get caught in a bush and lose another 15 minutes. I try again thinking to use the harpoon to pin the monster to the wall and then kill it. This is one of the monsters that don't pin so it just turns on me and instant kills me. That is when I quit.

When or if I go back I'll try just going around it. Or maybe try to lure it away with a bottle. It is standing near a door I want to get in.

I played a bit of this game at the beginning of the year, and it didn't click with me. Theoretically, I should like it because I like horror and stealth games. But I had a hard time figuring out where the line was between "I should kill these things sneaky-like" and "I should just avoid these things." It felt like the game wanted you to be killing, and would definitely trap you into conflict situations, but I never felt powerful enough to actually fight my way out. And I never figured out if that was by design or if I was just fumbling the controls and mechanics. Didn't help that I did the tutorial, then put it down for a month and forgot all the controls.

I'd like to go back and try this again. The environments and story were definitely interesting. Especially now that they released an easy mode.

I did go back and beat the monster lady. This time I hit her from a distance using about 4 spikes and then emptied a clip in her from the handgun. The minion she called didn't rush me so I took them out one by one. I was then able to get into the house I wanted to get sniper rifle parts.

Now I'm heading back to some resonance locations because I wasn't using them correctly. I didn't know you had to tune into the signal once you reach the resonance spot.

Got about 13 hours in and know I'm still near the start of the game. I think the game can be completed in ten hours if played like normal. Even though my daughter is in danger I have to search every house and every can and check every side event.

The scary feel for the game dropped to zero. I think it is a combination of things. One many of the enemies have the same model. The good move the new resident evil did is to make all the zombies unique. The second thing is I have gotten good as killing everything. I might have said this before but I'm not trapped in here with monsters, the monsters are trapped in here with me.

Right now I just started tracking my daughter . I think the guy killing off the rescue team is chasing her but it might be someone else I haven't come across yet.

Side note. I just noticed everybody in the game is white. Also I think there is only one woman with a speaking role in the two games. No wait the daughter has a few lines also. Oh and the nurse also.

I should try it again and see if I can figure out how to get to the point where I'm stalking the monsters. The story and environments were fascinating, just combat was a drag where I was at.

Still on the trail of my daughter. Caught up with the guy following her for a moment. He summon a bunch of bad guys to the town and a new type of crawling bad guy. The crawling bad guy is really tough to kill.

A new door open up in my safe room. This door takes me to shooting range where I can win prizes. I believe this mini game is meant to level your character up in order to fight the new monsters. You can get a ton gel and weapon parts here for free.

Had to make my way through gas tunnels and solve a puzzle that almost made me quit the game. The puzzle can only be solved by trial and error or I might have been to stupid to figure out the logic behind it. I looked up the solution on the net after spending way to much time on it.

After the gas tunnel I get to first real boss fight. I die the first time but own her the second time after noticing all the environmental traps.

After the boss fight I find a survivor that gives me a new mission. I have to fix the broken world with a device he gave me. I have to put off saving my daughter because if I don't fix the world from falling apart there will be no point in saving her.

Oh one interesting thing is that there is a giant camera lens in the sky that opened up to reveal a human eye. Cameras are a big theme in this game. Specifically cameras taking pictures of murder victims trapped in time bubbles. The killer thinks they are works of art. Like the first game there is probably a reason for the design of all the creatures and odd environments. In the first game there was a creature that could only be killed by fire because in life she died in a fire.

I'm not completely sure why the boss monster looks the way it does. The monsters is a bunch of female bodies join together with a buzz saw at the end of one of its arms. At the start of the game there was a room with a bunch of hung women in it.