2018 NBA Catch-All - LeBron Fallout Edition

They play better when Durant doesn’t shoot 30 foot pull up jumpers.

Here comes the home team.

Defense is stepping up, too.

Rumors of the Warriors' demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Rockets aren't letting the Warriors get set on their shots whereas on that final stretch Houston was throwing out of the wind-up. Apologies for mixing sports analogies.

Was down to 5 but back to 10. Blah.

Need a home team 3rd quarter burst


Turning back into a slugfest


The Warriors are SO much better when Durant doesn’t dominate the ball. Why do they get so lazy and let him dominate the ball?

It feels like the Rockets D let Curry move and get to his spots tonight. He looks totally in control and in rhythm, not getting beat up and out of whack like in the previous few games. This allows the ball to move and then they don't end up in a KD iso.

Just my half baked theory.

That’s a good theory. It’s not just Curry, though. When Klay is launching catch-and-shoot 3s there’s a good chance the Warriors are about to blow someone out.

Has Klay shined in Game 6's enough yet that we can call him the devil?

My favorite tweet of the night

Kevin Durant came to Golden State for nights like this. So he could go 6/17 in an elimination game and still get carried to a 20 point win by the two time MVP and Klay Thompson

Man, I didn't enjoy the second half of that game.

I think close game through three quarters tonight and then the Celtics run away with it and the Cavs give up. Don’t really know though since the Cavs have been so unpredictable.

Based on the first four minutes, Cavs don't seem to have the energy to win this game. Looked like weak effort on the defensive glass. LeBron couldn't get by Aron Baynes in isolation on the wing.


This seems familiar...

Call the goddamn foul

LeBron staring down Rozier is so lame. You’re a HOF-er. Act like it.

DSGamer wrote:

LeBron staring down Rozier is so lame. You’re a HOF-er. Act like it.

And then getting that rebound stolen right in front of him, staring again.

King Crybaby should be his new nickname. What a whiner.

Looking like the Celtics are gonna lose. Sucks, but they're gonna be a power for a long time going forward.

They've had open shots to close this gap and just missed. Rozier is something like 0-10 from 3. If Kyrie were taking those shots it is likely a very different game.

Stele wrote:

King Crybaby should be his new nickname. What a whiner.

I get it but... most players do it. Tatum and Horford flap around whenever they miss a well contested shot.

7-39 from 3. That'll do it. Ugh.


Help us, Western Conference, you're our only hope.

Oh, I’m all in for LeBron winning a championship this season. It would be a pretty amazing feat, if his teammates are as disinterested in playing as folks here say. Hell, getting to the Finals was amazing.

Getting to the Finals is astounding. Hats off to him. I literally don’t know how he does it. Hopefully Cleveland decides to try the entire series or the Finals are going to be really boring.

Yeah pretty amazing after the year they've had that they are back in the Finals. I saw at the end of game recap that Lebron played 48 minutes, so I guess he never came out of the game.