NFL 2017 Week 3 Thread

PFF gives access to their basic stuff, like recaps of the games with some grades (always a QB grade). I read that stuff.

Access to their indepth and fantasy-based stuff is behind a pay wall.

It's much like FO in that way. In-season stats and whatnot are behind pay wall, but you can still read the articles.

tldr I read FO and PFF for the articles.

garion333 wrote:

tldr I read FO and PFF for the articles.

Sure, man, whatever. We all know you go right to the centerfold.


Which is presumably a picture of a fat, sweaty guy holding a calculator.

Jayhawker wrote:



Cripes, I know the Chargers have had trouble filling the stadium and all, but it sounds like the Chargers are basically playing on the road all season:

The entire crowd is flippin red shirted.

Darren Sproles tore his ACL and broke his arm on the same play; I found a picture of him after the game yesterday:


Von Miller flagged for hurting Tyrod Taylor's feelings.


Seriously he was flagged for that? What BS.

garion333 wrote:
garion333 wrote:

Jacoby Brissett looks like a proper NFL QB. Poised, making reads.

Kizer still looking raw. Throwing off back foot, looking down receivers. Browns OL isn't playing particularly well though.

PFF agreed.

A career game for the second-year signal caller out of North Carolina State, Brissett finished the contest with grades north of 83 in both passing and rushing. Brissett had quite a bit of success moving the ball when he was provided a clean pocket, completing 15 of 19 passes for 248 yards and a touchdown, giving him a 136.3 passer rating on throws coming without pressure. He also had success when he pushed the ball downfield, completing 7 of 9 passes that traveled at least 10 yards down the field for a total of 203 yards and a touchdown.
If you’re looking for a quarterback to take you to the playoffs this year, Kizer is not your guy. But that’s not what the Browns are focused on, and instead what they’ll be looking at is can he be a franchise quarterback in the long term. There was more good than bad (even with his receivers dropping three passes and doing a bad job of holding onto three more with defensive contact), including three big time throws that show he can really punish a defense over the top. But when it comes to 2017 there are too many errant throws and a tendency to hold the ball that bit too long.

It's interesting that the Browns can manage to pull within a FG or TD in garbage time, but at least they're getting there where in the past they'd have given up another 20 points.

I'm going to hold off on the Browns optimism until they win a game--or at least not lose a game that they were favored to win.

And btw, I still don't know why the Browns were favored on the road against anyone, not even a HS D1 team.

LeapingGnome wrote:

Seriously he was flagged for that? What BS.

Yeah, that's definitely a stupid flag. And it impacted the game significantly, right?

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

And btw, I still don't know why the Browns were favored on the road against anyone, not even a HS D1 team.

Because Scott Tolzien was terrrible in the first two games. I don't think Vegas thought Jacoby Brissett coming in would work out quite this well.

I'll have more optimism for the Browns when Myles Garrett heals.

This has been a really crazy season so far. Da Bears take down Pittsburgh and the Packers need OT to beat the Bungles. No idea what to expect Thursday night.

So my favorite moment of yesterday's game made Deadspin; halftime had a team of mascots (from a bunch of local teams, plus . . . the Atlanta Falcons and a few others) vs. a local youth team for a goofy football game. The best part? The local team was Eagan youth football, the suburb I'm from. NEVER MESS WITH GOLDY GOPHER:


MilkmanDanimal wrote:


God damn right.

That's not the first time he's annihilated a child either:


Good job gopher! Hand out those free visits to the protocol tent.

Listening to Gruden keep saying the Cards should kick the fg when they clearly should just keep on trying to score was hilarious. It was like Arians could hear him and wanted to tell him off.

I... I just don't know how to process this.


( Power Ratings)




Lotta collapsing pockets in that video.

And Jalen Ramsey, aka PFF's #1 CB, is a monster. Finally one of those high draft picks playing like they're supposed to.

Que up career ending injury in 3...2...1...

I did like this one bit about Bortles from FO's Quick Reads:

You know what's really amazing about this? It could easily have been worse for Baltimore. Bortles was far from perfect in the red zone, going just 4-of-9 for 32 yards and three scores. There's a reason Jason Myers kicked a pair of field goals from inside the 20. And on third downs, Bortles was just 3-of-7 for 26 yards and only two conversions. The Jaguars left plenty of points on the field and still won by 37.

Aw he was just nervous, he was all, "the endzone is RIGHT THERE I don't know what is happening."

He doesn't have a lot of first-half red zone experience yet.

And there's Flacco going "my OL is dead, those guys are huge, CHECK DOWN so I can continue collecting paychecks!" I feel like Flacco's entire season is gonna end up one giant business decision.


Dat ending

That video was beautiful.

omg how many drops are in that ravens video? That looked like a disaster caused mostly by a pass rush, dropped passes, and one mind boggling pick.

Oh well, time to go out to baltimore and lose to them next week D: 8 home games means 8 wins though right?

Holy crap did you guys see the way Tarik Cohen made Ryan Shazier look the fool?


From this article.

That's just filthy. His moves in the other gif in the article are nasty as well.

You ought to check out some of Cohen's college highlights. I wasn't sure how I-AA (and bad I-AA at that) would project to the pros. Now I know.

I'm curious, how is Tony Romo doing as an announcer? I haven't watched any of his games this year. I did see a short video of him predicting half a dozen plays pretty perfectly, but from an announcing perspective it seemed rather boring (no inflection or excitement. No explanations as to why)

Thoughts? Impressions? Better than Phil Simms?

So far, I think he's great.

Obviously, better than Simms. But I love that he's not afraid to say what he sees, and big surprise, he reads defenses (and offenses) like a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

NFL announcing has a dearth of people who are actually (a) knowledgeable about what they see, (b) can communicate it to the audience, and (c) are unafraid to do so.

The one place where Romo hopefully will get better is quickly explaining his little pre-snap callouts. He's seeing something and he's saying the conclusion, and he'll get to the thought process sometimes after the play, but with some seasoning, he hopefully will be able to quickly explain what he's seeing (the alignment, etc) rather than simply shouting out the conclusion.

That said, if just calling out plays and being right most of the time is his "thing", it's a pretty good one. I hope CBS leaves him alone and lets him do his thing.

garion333 wrote:

Holy crap did you guys see the way Tarik Cohen made Ryan Shazier look the fool?

<3 my steelers, but looks more like he was too fast for Heyward(97) more than he made Shazier(50) miss though.